Month: September 2019

Depression ST and nitrate tolerance. The value of ST segment depression

With regard to another criterion (as a sign of the severity of myocardial ischemia) – the magnitude of the ST segment depression – certain objections may exist. They became especially relevant when the magnitude (area) of myocardial infarction was assessed by the severity of ST segment elevation in patients in the acute stage of myocardial […]

How to deal with postpartum depression? – what to do?

According to statistics , 10-15% of women who give birth suffer from postpartum depression , women who have suffered depression before birth suffer it after the birth of a child in 35% of cases. The time of occurrence of postpartum depression is not associated with accuracy with the moment the baby appears. Symptoms of this disorder can occur in the […]

Depression of the ST segment of the heart. Ischemic ST elevation on ECG

Depression of the ST segment , in turn, manifests itself in the form of elevation of the ST segment, since electrocardiographic recorders in clinical practice use AC amplifiers that automatically compensate for any negative shift of the TQ segment. As a result of this electronic compensation, the ST segment will be proportionally raised. Therefore, according to the theory […]

Depression. First aid for depression

1. Depression  often found in patients in ICUs and sometimes leads to additional complications (for example, the period of transition from artificial ventilation to spontaneous lengthens). Depression can be suspected by the following signs: the patient becomes apathetic, closes in on himself, refuses to cooperate with staff; note a bad mood, tearfulness; sometimes the patient expresses a desire to die […]

What makes you want to cry all the time? How to distinguish depression from a bad mood?

When we are told that someone is depressed , we imagine a person with a bad mood, who sees the world around him in black colors. Indeed, with depression, a person loses interest in life and work. He feels that longing and sadness are squeezing his chest and he constantly wants to cry. Today, depression is one of the most […]


A condition characterized by a depressed or melancholy mood, a decrease in mental activity, combined with a variety of somatic disorders (loss of appetite, weight loss, constipation, change in the rhythm of cardiac activity, etc.). Content Today, the term “depression” very often means simply a prolonged bad mood, although in reality real depression has nothing […]