Depression after a long winter break

The first working day after a long rest is often depressing, difficult and not very productive. Do not know why? We will explain now.

Rest in the winter is over: the causes of negative emotions

Preparing for a long-awaited vacation, a person cherishes hopes for positive changes and looks forward to all sorts of pleasures – communication with friends, positive emotions, gastronomic joys, travels. And the rest in the winter is over, you have to return to workdays, and there nothing has changed. Well, how can you not give in to despair?

There are many reasons for depression after a vacation (especially if it is a vacation in winter). And the debate about which one is the most important has not subsided to this day. Some experts speak of a seasonal syndrome of emotional disorder, the main cause of which is a shortage of sunlight. Almost 10% of the population in the middle latitudes are affected by this condition every year. Others argue that the cause of a bad mood after the holidays becomes postprazdnichnaya depression, or so-called depression weekend. The most common causes of this condition are loneliness or unfulfilled hopes.

The symptoms of SED (seasonal emotional distress) can range from mild sadness to deep anguish, accompanied by sleep disturbance, increased anxiety, sudden changes in emotional state, overeating, decreased libido, and sometimes even lethargy. It is believed that SR can be passed on to other family members. However, this is just an assumption without any scientific evidence.

The mechanism of development of seasonal depression

The nature of SRS has not yet been fully studied. It is generally believed that the development of this condition is associated with a violation of the biochemical balance in the hypothalamus or subthumb, that is, the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the emotional state, appetite, and also sleep.

The pineal gland of the brain perceives the energy of light with the help of the optic nerve, producing in response a certain amount of melatonin – a hormone responsible for the human internal biological rhythms. The less light the body receives, the more it produces melatonin, and, accordingly, the lower the rate of biochemical processes in the body.

An excess of this hormone in the body causes drowsiness, literally enters into a stupor, provoking a desire to hibernate. But he does not have such an opportunity, because the rest in the winter is over and you need to go to work and do household chores. As a result, after suffering a month or two, a person falls into depression.

Serotonin for a good mood

The human brain produces serotonin – a hormone that has a significant effect on the psychological state of a person, and is also responsible for the self-preservation instinct inherent in every living being. A decrease in serotonin levels can trigger the appearance of fear and anxiety. That is why in the darkness of many of us a feeling of anxiety as well as insecurity can embrace.

Conversely, the production of excessive amounts of serotonin can provoke overexcitation and attacks of aggression. This hormone also affects the feeling of hunger, which increases in case of serotonin deficiency.

People exposed to SIR are particularly sensitive to a decrease in serotonin levels. In most cases, women with a genetic predisposition become victims of the disease. Moreover, it was found that with the advent of the autumn-winter season, exacerbation of symptoms of emotional disturbance in women can occur before the onset of menstruation.

Stress on vacation: how to get rid of?

Some people feel weakness, bouts of nausea and muscle pain while resting, that is, they develop symptoms similar to those of a common cold. Most of these people explain this condition by psychological stress, which is manifested due to the difficulties of switching from work to leisure. And the more intense the workdays were, the more difficult it is for a person to switch to rest. That is why the real reason for the depressive state often lies in the peculiarities of the attitude to rest. A person has high hopes for him, expects a wonderful fulfillment of his plan, but it does not come true.

So, maybe it’s time to stop believing in a magic wand and fulfill your desires yourself? Take a sheet of paper and write on it everything you wanted from your vacation. Find unfulfilled desires and think out a plan for their implementation. Does not work? Go to a psychologist, learn to fulfill your plan on your own, give yourself gifts and allow pleasure. And not only on holidays or on a birthday, but when you want. Just get started – and don’t notice how you get a taste.

Another reason for the development of SED may be weekday syndrome, which affects a very large number of people around the world. This condition is characterized by a lack of skills for a quick transition from a feeling of carelessness, which gives a long rest, to the performance of professional duties and the solution of daily problems. By the way, men experience this transition more difficult than women, and often fall into anguish.

Prevention and Treatment of Seasonal Emotional Disorder

Prevention of seasonal emotional distress is not particularly difficult. First of all, you should take care of the good lighting of the room in which you have to spend most of the time.

We must try to make sure that more sunlight penetrates into the living room during the day, and in the evening we need to turn on all the lamps. They will help prevent depression and regular walks in the fresh air.

In some situations, experts recommend visiting a tanning bed for patients with seasonal emotional distress. An effective method of treating depressive conditions is considered to be a stream of bright light, under the influence of which a person should be from one to four hours a day.

According to experts, bright light affects the composition of the brain, activating the production of serotonin, while reducing the content of melatonin. Currently, there are medical centers equipped with special antidepressant rooms, the intensity of light rays in which is several times greater than room lighting. In especially difficult cases, the doctor may prescribe antidepressants.

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