What kind of beast is depression?

Depression is a condition that can permanently disrupt a person’s ability to work, unsettle him, which will directly affect his personal achievements, work, family, etc. Depression is affected on average by about 1% of people, this condition is treatable, and requires close monitoring by a specialist. The average age of depression is about 30 years.

Depression can develop in a person without significant reasons, or in response to any shock event in his life. In depression, a person’s self-esteem is greatly reduced, the attitude towards oneself and others is changing. If a person is in this state for more than six months, this can be regarded as a mental illness.
It is believed that in modern times, depression is the most common type of mental disorder. Depression is treatable in 80% of cases. First of all, you need to give your body a rest, and this rest should last at least a day. At this time, it is important not to be distracted by homework, not to worry about problems, but to relax – spend time only for the benefit of yourself, do your favorite things and enjoy it. It is also necessary to devote some of your time to walking along the streets, going out into the fresh air, to nature, it will not hurt a bit of sports, it can be useful to change the situation.
If all these actions do not lead to success and the condition does not improve, you need to contact a specialist.


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