Doctors Name 5 Causes of Depression

Depression must be fought, otherwise it can lead to disastrous results, experts say. This is a very serious psychological illness, and not just a bad mood and loss of interest in everything.

Depression can occur in any person, whether male or female, doctors report to magazine. Most often, older people are exposed to it.


What causes depression? There are several factors.


1. Genetic predisposition. There are families in which everyone, without exception, is susceptible to this disease.


2. Injury and stress. For example, you have problems with finances, your husband left you, someone close to you died, etc. Or maybe you have dramatic changes in life. It should be noted that marriage can also cause depression at first.


3. Pessimism. People prone to pessimism often become depressed.


4. Physiological diseases. If a person has a serious illness, such as cancer, HIV, etc., then this can also cause depression. A person understands that he is powerless before this disease.


5. Other factors. For example, a woman is on a diet and restricts herself to food. Because of this, depression can also begin.


How is depression manifested?


A person loses interest in life, it is difficult for him to make any decisions, he feels tired both physically and emotionally, he looks at everything pessimistically, he does not want to do anything, he loses his appetite, he has thoughts about ending his life suicide.


What to do in such a situation?


It’s best, of course, to go to a therapist. In America, for example, everyone does. But for some reason, women here do not want to go to the doctor.


They just prefer to buy antidepressants. But medical treatment alone is not worth it. Otherwise, even more problems may arise.


If depression is not yet in a neglected form, then you can try to get rid of it yourself. Try to understand what you are worried about. Do not sit at home all the time, be in public more often. Find yourself some interesting activity. It distracts from the experience.


Speak to someone. This must be the person you trust. Not only will it become easier for you, but you may find a solution to your problem. If you do not want to tell someone about everything, then simply state your thoughts on paper, write about what disturbs you.


Have a rest. It’s best to go somewhere to change the scenery. Remember that alcohol in this situation will not help.


We hope that these recommendations will help you get rid of depression, and you can cope with any even very difficult problem.

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