Men also have postpartum depression

Scientists from Indiana University (USA) found that from   postpartum depression   almost as many men as women suffer.

The researchers analyzed the results of more than 9.5 thousand surveys of parents (fathers and mothers) who attended the clinic from August 2015 to December 2017 and had children under the age of 15 months.

In 5% of young mothers, postpartum depression was detected, which is slightly less than the predicted 10-12% of women who usually develop it during the first year after birth. But 4.4% of young fathers had the same diagnosis.

Until now, it was not customary for men to be tested for postpartum depression. Moreover, the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, according to which this condition is diagnosed in women, reflects feelings of guilt, sleep disorders and suicidal thoughts peculiar to the weaker sex. And this test does not show the inherent irritation and anxiety of men.

Scientists remind that depression makes parents less sensitive to the needs of the child, especially if he cries often, and even leads to the use of force against the baby. As a result, such children can slow down in development. The study showed that a third of young fathers in a state of postpartum depression, thought about hurting themselves or the child.

The main problem, according to researchers, is that women often do not realize that they have depression, remaining without treatment. And men in general are reluctant to seek help – and also do not receive any therapy. What as a result affects the quality of life of the child.

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