Does treatment determine the cause of depression?

The question immediately arises, which method of treating depression is considered preferable with the leading influence of one factor or another? The answer can only be given by comprehensive diagnostics . Preliminarily, it can be assumed that with rigid attitudes formed by improper upbringing, false self-esteem, the presence of stress in childhood, a slight severity of depression, various methods of psychotherapy can play a leading role. […]

The difficulties of our life …

Other important social factors contributing to the development of depression are modern urbanization with its unfavorable ecology and avalanches of information flows, increased population migration and even an increase in life expectancy. A chronic stressful situation is very destructive for the body, whether it be incessant conflicts in the family and a tense situation at work, a long loss of earnings and other troubles familiar […]

Which substance is “more important”?

It should be noted that not only specialists showed interest in the action of mediators . At one time, not only in popular literature, but also in magazines and newspapers far from medicine , articles about these mysterious “substances of the soul” were often “skipped “, with the help of which, as it were, one could achieve complete balance and even happiness. In the 70 years of the twentieth century was developed the theory of occurrence of depression, in the framework of which serotonin […]

Are you depressed?

At present, depression is ahead of all other mental disorders in terms of the degree of damage to working capacity and, accordingly, in the proportion of years lost for a full life. A significant proportion of patients with depressive disorders seek help from the general somatic network. Moreover, only in 10-30% of cases, depression is recognized in a timely manner. In this test, the symptoms of depression and the assessment of its severity are […]

Changes in the hormonal system

If the work of brain cells is provided by the action of substances-mediators, then the performance of the physiological functions of the body as a whole is controlled by other biologically active substances, which are called hormones. They are produced by the endocrine glands. With the development of depression , changes in hormonal levels are observed. Although, admittedly, sometimes it is not easy to […]

Cognitive impairment in depression

Cognitive changes mean disturbances in the processes of attention, perception, thinking, memory. Slowing down of the processes of perception, a decrease in its brightness (in particular, the vagueness of visual sensations), difficulties in processing new information, difficulty concentrating, a high level of absent – mindedness are quite typical symptoms of depression . In a depressed state, intellectual processes are inhibited, curiosity, inquisitiveness disappear, intelligence, resourcefulness, and […]

Postpsychotic depression

Post-schizophrenic depression (F20.4) is observed in at least 25% of patients (Knights A., Hirsch S., 1981). To diagnose it, it is necessary that the symptoms of depression as a consequence of a psychotic episode of schizophrenia last at least two years. The factors contributing to the development of this variant of schizophrenia are loneliness, social isolation, depressive states in the family members of the patient. Factors contributing to the development […]

Reactive depression

Stress, especially prolonged and personally significant, is the main cause of reactive depression, which is why they are so common. Trauma often cause severe events – “blows of fate” – causing depressive reactions, which, in fact, nel – Gia considered a mental illness . For such a “shock” must first of all include the loss of a loved chelove – ka – his demise. It has been observed that men […]

Depression classification

The classification of depression emphasizes recurrent depressive disorder with recurrent depressive episodes . In the classification of depression, chronic mood disorders, or persistent mood disorders, namely dysthymia, are also distinguished . For dysthymia is characterized by chronic depressed mood on against – a several year, the severity or duration of episodes is not sufficient for […]

Depressive episode

Studies have symptoms of depression , with one hand, and the dia development – gnostic methods – with the other, lead to the need for the most accurate classification of its various forms – it helps to fine-Diagne – Stick and effective treatment of depression. The classification is in on – standing development that may be due not only to the continuous development of science, but it and the fact that in today’s world depression covers more wide […]