Manifestations of xenophobia in animals and humans

Xenophobia is the fear of something new, hostility to the unfamiliar. Scientists say that xenophobia is a completely normal mechanism that has appeared in humans in the process of evolution. So manifestations of xenophobia are natural.

Certain forms and types of xenophobia are observed in animals: they protect the territory where they live. Animals also react very hostilely to strangers, because they can be dangerous.

Another manifestation of some kind of xenophobia in animals is that they do not create interspecies pairs. This keeps the look clean. But in humans, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination are more pronounced. It manifests itself in outright intolerance towards certain groups.

Reasons for the development of xenophobia

The development of the disease depends on several factors at once:

Memory. Most often, intolerance is born in childhood. Whereas the first manifestations can be expected in a more conscious period. After all, memories and traumas received in childhood have an impact on adult life.
Morality is shaped by the influence of parents, teachers, peers and the environment in general. If a child grew up in a society that is openly hostile to a particular group of people, such a perception is formed in the child.
Education. Parents have a huge influence on the child. So the intolerance that they show towards certain groups of people will be adopted by the children.
Perception of the world.

The key to getting rid of xenophobia is desire

Many patients, recognizing the symptoms, realize that they are sick. This is the first step towards overcoming the disorder. Specialists can help get rid of the disease. To get rid of the disease, you first need to understand its causes. To do this, doctors conduct various examinations.

Hypnotherapy has proven itself as a progressive and completely safe method. Psychiatrists also conduct trainings (both individual and group). If manifestations of intolerance are ignored, they can develop into extremism. This disorder is characterized not only by radical views, but also by very aggressive actions that can be dangerous to others.

To date, methods of preventing xenophobia in schools and universities are widely used. This helps to avoid the development of racism in a more conscious age. This disorder manifests itself in the construction of the distinctive features of the race into an absolute.

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