The main signs of schizophrenia in a teenager

Today, among all cases of schizophrenia, only 2% occur in childhood and adolescence. However, it is in this category that the signs of the disease appear in an erased form, which greatly complicates an accurate diagnosis. At the same time, insidious schizophrenia in adolescents and children makes them noticeably different from those around them, which leads to the emergence of many social problems. Therefore, a child prone to this mental disorder should certainly be provided with qualified assistance in order to prevent the aggravation of the disease.

Typical symptoms of schizophrenia in adolescents

Schizophrenia is a rather insidious disease, because it not only skillfully disguises itself as other mental disorders, but also often affects a person initially almost imperceptibly, gradually changing his condition and habitual way of life. At the same time, often its victims are persons who have not even reached the age of majority, which introduces many problems in the process of becoming a person. Usually, specialists who, from their medical experience, know what schizophrenia is, symptoms and signs in adolescents, as well as primary school students, distinguish the following:

– the presence of apathy and constant lethargy;
– the appearance of slowness in various actions; – a noticeable loss of appetite; – a manifestation of indifference to others; – sudden signs of aggression towards peers and animals; – the presence of hallucinations in the form of voices.

Also, in some cases, one can note the manifestation of dysmorphophobia of a pathological or delusional nature, when boys and girls begin to convince themselves that some part of their body is ugly, disproportionately large or, conversely, small in size. Such a conviction, like all other manifestations of a mental disorder, needs to be treated under the supervision of qualified doctors.

Korsakov Psychiatric Center – a place of effective cure for schizophrenia

When the slightest signs of a mental disorder make themselves felt, it is necessary to immediately engage in a comprehensive diagnosis of the child to make a diagnosis and start treatment aimed at achieving the most beneficial result. At the Korsakov Clinic, the patient is examined anonymously, which helps him feel comfortable and communicate effectively with the medical staff. Diagnostics is carried out here on an outpatient basis or in a hospital, after which treatment is prescribed and, if necessary, social rehabilitation after a course of procedures.

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