What is Oneiroid Syndrome or Journey to Fairy Worlds

Oneiroid stupefaction, or oneiroid syndrome, is an acute psychotic condition. Consciousness at the same time resembles more a dream filled with fantastic content. Manifested by a person’s complete detachment from reality. Hallucinations and illusory images are mixed with reality. With oneiroid stupefaction, there is a contradictory attitude of the patient to what is happening, non-purposeful actions associated with the experiences of the contents of the oneiroid, a double false orientation is possible – when patients consider themselves both patients of the department and participants in the stellar battle scene.

Symptoms of oneiroid syndrome

Patients with oneiroid stupefaction bizarrely interpret the actions of others, while their consciousness is completely filled with fantastic images.

Speech in case of oneiroid stupefaction may be blurred, slurred. Patients may report what they see or are about to do (loading onto a star ship to fly to another galaxy, or being in a fabulous elven forest). Sometimes patients in oneiroid are so carried away by fantastic experiences that they are reluctant to make contact with doctors so that they, in turn, do not distract them from viewing fantastic pictures.

Oneiroid is divided into two types

Oneiroid state, accompanied by a modification and reincarnation of one’s own Self ( a dream- like oneiroid ). And a oneiroid state, in which there is a bizarre mixture of fragments of the real world and bright fantastic ideas that actively pop up in the mind ( fantastically illusory oneiroid).

With a dreamlike oneiroid, patients feel like participants in sometimes fantastic dramatic events that play out in their imagination. With a fantastically illusory oneiroid, fantastic and dramatic events are played out not in the imagination of the patient, but in the surrounding environment. In their fantastic oneiroid experiences, patients act as historical figures, generals, emperors, cultural figures.

The content of events in oneiroid syndrome is also different, less often it is ordinary, more often fantastic. Patients in oneiroid reside on other continents, planets, in space, in non-existent worlds, other times. In oneiroid, patients participate in battles, during an atomic war, they are witnesses to the death of the universe. In some cases, oneiroid hallucinosis may be observed as a harbinger of a developing oneiroid.

catatonic syndrome or the so-called oneiroid catatonia is quite often observed .

Oneiroid catatonia is manifested in stereotypical movements, rocking, in direct disobedience to the requests of doctors, the execution of opposite commands.

Most often, oneiroid is a sign of an acute attack of schizophrenia . The attack begins, as a rule, quickly, combined with crazy ideas about flights, travel, wars, world catastrophes.

Also , oneiroid syndrome can be caused by exogenous factors, such as the use of various psychoactive substances: hallucinogens, cannabinoids, ketamine, etc. or hormonal drugs, such as corticosteroids.

Home-based drug treatment will help you get rid of this disease if it is caused by drug use. With rapid diagnosis and prompt treatment, the prognosis for oneiroid syndrome is favorable. Treatment for oneiroid syndrome is always carried out in a hospital setting.

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