Summer depression: who is not happy about summer?

Around wild nature blooms, strawberries ripen on the beds, the sun caresses the skin with pale rays after the winter. People are going on vacation, happily taking light dresses and shorts. And to some people, all these signs of the coming summer are across the throat. And the closer the summer, the more melancholy melancholy, the less often you want to go out. What is this incomprehensible state? Perhaps these are manifestations of summer depression.

Summer depression: a disease or a whim?

No whim. Summer Depression is officially recognized as one of the varieties of affective disorders and has been known in the West since the mid-eighties of the last century as the “summer SAD”. Begins spring summer SAD, is gaining momentum by the middle of the summer and is declining by the autumn. The reasons for the development of the disease are not clear until the end, doctors still make a list of potential triggers of depression. The disorder also manifests itself in different ways, it may have a mild degree or, in severe cases, bring a person to a hospital bed. The main symptoms are expressed in an unstable, dejected mood, dissatisfaction with themselves and the whole world, irritability or apathy, constant fatigue and low efficiency, etc. What are the causes that can cause this condition?

Change in day length

If in winter the cause of the development of depression can be the lack of sunlight and the associated lack of serotonin, then in the summer it is the opposite: an increase in daylight and a shortening of the dark time of day lead to a disruption in melatonin production. And this substance plays an important role in life, regulating sleep and affecting mood. In addition, the increase in temperature and humidity is connected with the lengthening of the day, which not everyone tolerates well. Allergy Attack Any allergy sufferer who suffers from pollinosis or is allergic to the sun, begins to prepare for the summer in advance, as for the battle. The bloom, sung by poets and healthy people, causes so much trouble that you just want to pack up and go all summer somewhere to the edges of the eternal ice. Where nothing ever bloomed and ever reigns eternal night. It is very painful – to choke, sneeze, walk with a swollen, red, always leaking nose, deprived of not only smell, but also the elementary possibility to let air into the lungs due to swelling of the mucous membrane. Eyes are watery, there is not enough air, medicines almost do not help. An allergic person looks at the flowering plants with irritation, waiting for the rain with hope, which at least briefly pollinates and gives an opportunity to breathe a little. Communal services are especially hateful because they do not have time to mow lawns in time, on which grain-type allergies joyfully release pollen clouds into the air. If allergies to the sun still add to this, the condition of the poor patient is even painful. And the poor creature knows about all this in advance, he understands that he will still have to go through this torture and therefore begins to fall into depression with the first spring days.

Overweight, complexes, dissatisfaction with yourself

In winter, the body tends to warm up, stock up on energy and fuel on a black, as well as on a frosty day. Especially if the possessor of a hoarding body does not lead a too mobile lifestyle and eats not so that it is useful, but so that it is tasty and satisfying. And here comes the spring and warm.Suitcases and bags with summer clothes, and …   cleaned back. Or in the heat of the moment they are taken to the trash, to the delight of the homeless. Because last season’s favorite skirt does not fasten at the waist, the dress fits rounded sides, like peel pork sausage – touched with a fork, and will burst, splashing fat juice. And shorts generally fit only on one leg, up to the knee. And the only thing that turns out to be right is the vans . Attempting to look in the mirror at a white body sticking out of tight clothes causes associations with the pot. I just want to plaintively ask: “Pot, do not cook!”, And with tears close in the closet until autumn. Because it will not be possible to lose weight, there is no strength, no desire, no means to update your wardrobe, and it is unbearably hard to accept resizing upwards. And around are slender, tanned and funny … Well, how can you not get depressed? “I am not like everyone else.” This, too, can be a cause for the development of depression. It is important for a person to feel his sociality, and if something destroys this community, there is a reason for the disorder. Everyone is happy about the summer, but one cannot. And even if he has reasons for sadness or dislike for summer, the discrepancy with others as summer moods can cause anxiety, dissatisfaction with himself, doubts about his “normality”, and, in the end, lead to depression.

Diseases and climax

There are conditions and diseases in which the summer heat is perceived as something unbearable and almost deadly. Hypertensive patients and the cores are very poorly tolerated, overweight people and those who suffer from excessive sweating. It is very unpleasant and humiliating – to be a walking sweat factory, with a red-hot purple face, hair stuck together and wet spots on clothes. And how women who have entered the phase of age-restructuring of the body suffer … Klimax and so proceeds sometimes extremely uncomfortable. The notorious tides are able to bring to the death even in winter, and in summer they become just a hell of a test. In addition to the actual physical discomfort, the woman feels psychological discomfort: after all, the tides are very noticeable to others, and clearly indicate that old age is approaching by leaps and bounds. It is not that this is true – the climax has not turned anyone into an old woman by its own arrival, everything depends on the woman herself and her attitude to herself and to life. But hormonal surges prevent to assess the situation adequately and calmly. And this anxiety becomes an excellent ground for the summer depression. Summer holidays, vacations for children and vacation expenses Preparing for a sea holiday can both bring out of depression and drive into it. Especially if the vacation for various reasons fails, and the new swimsuit has to be cleaned in the closet along with a wonderful pareo. Whatever you may say, a not financially well-off person has the upcoming financial expenses that can cause such a depression that not every sea is enough to drown it.

And so, the scenario for the development of depression develops something like this: Send the children to the camp, collect them on the road and give pocket money. Pay for the repair of the fence in the country, it’s time. Buy the permit in sanatorium to mother. Choose something for yourself. Extremely saving. Calculate how many months then will have to work hard to patch the gap in the budget. Curse with longing. Pass the tickets, cancel the hotel booking and go to the dacha to monitor the repair of the fence, weed out the hated weeds, destroy the Colorado beetles and voracious Bears with proletarian hatred, swim in the nearby river under the choir of mosquitoes and the mosquitoes itch. Fall into depression from all this until late autumn and the payment of recent debts.

How to deal with depression?

First you need to acknowledge the problem. And in order not to exaggerate its significance unintentionally, it is best to consult a doctor in time. Probably, this is not yet depression, but simply a temporary decrease in tone or hormonal failure. There is no need to suffer for several months if treatments exist. It is impossible to underestimate the summer depression: it may well not end with the arrival of autumn and develop into a chronic form. In addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, it is worth taking some other measures. Observe sleep and rest. If the long light day and the white nights interfere, curtain the windows with thick curtains, choose a mask for sleeping. Be sure to get enough sleep. Choose a nice bedding. Best of all – natural silk, cool and with excellent hygroscopicity. If silk is not affordable – both linen and cotton will do. Eat easily and moderately. It’s time to lean on vegetables and fruits, abandoning heavy and fatty foods. Before bed, try not to eat, limiting yourself with a glass of kefir, a cup of berries or a light salad. Do sports, especially swimming. Walk more. If the heat interferes, walk early in the morning. For these walks you can get up early, they are worth it. Morning fresh air promenade and meeting the dawn can be a powerful remedy for depression. Pamper yourself with what you have long wanted. Let it be a new scent, a cool hat, horseback riding or refusal of a boring trip to the cottage for a great aunt – no matter what. The main thing is to do from time to time what you want, only for yourself. And remember: summer is like winter and money, it always ends some day.

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