Getting rid of depression, blues and apathy

It is impossible to be in good mood indefinitely: periods of spleen and apathy occur in practically every person. Sometimes these “gray” gaps serve as a kind of unloading, a breather between periods of turbulent activity. If apathy is delayed, affects all areas of life, you should think about ways to deal with bad mood and loss of interest in life. How to get rid of depression?
How to get out of depression?
It is worth thinking about contacting a specialist (general practitioner, psychologist or psychotherapist) in the following cases:
if usually periods of despondency are unusual for you, apathy came suddenly and for no apparent reason
if melancholy is delayed, and attempts to cope with it alone do not give results
if a bad mood is accompanied by a deterioration of health, weakness, headaches, dizziness, unexplained pain, loss of appetite, or, conversely, an irrepressible desire to constantly eat
if apathy is accompanied by impaired memory, problems with concentration
if you are experiencing constant stress, suffered a serious illness or severe shock
In other cases, attempts to overcome the blues on their own can not only have no effect, but also seriously hurt – this applies to clinical depression, which is sometimes impossible to distinguish from temporary weakness without the help of an experienced specialist. It is not always possible to cure depression without the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist and without drug support.
Apathy and weakness can be symptoms of endocrine disease (hypothyroidism), anemia, hypovitaminosis, low-intensity infection
Getting rid of depression
If you have the confidence that you don’t need the help of a professional, try to fight apathy and boredom yourself. Review your work schedule, diet and sleep patterns – maybe your body simply signals the need for rest? Routine work, lack of vivid impressions, lack of sleep and poor nutrition can make you see the whole world in black and white.
Do not demand the impossible from yourself, do not try to work through force – all the same, the results are unlikely to satisfy you and your superiors. Take a vacation or use the whole weekend – do not strive to redo all the business that has accumulated over the week, but take time for yourself, remember what you have long wanted to do, but you have been postponing all the time.
Treat yourself, but it is better to do it without the help of alcohol or delicious food – it is so easy to get into the habit of seizing up problems. A massage, going to the cinema or to a creative workshop will be just right
Change the situation – get out of town with a close friend or girlfriend, arrange a weekend tour and go on an entertaining guided tour.
Go outdoors as often as possible, especially if apathy is seasonal.
In winter and autumn, bouts of melancholy and weakness can cause a lack of vitamins, including vitamin D, which is produced when irradiated by sunlight
If walking is too cold, go to the solarium. Reconsider your diet – perhaps you should reduce the amount of food containing fast carbohydrates, eat more oily fish and fresh vegetables.
You should not try to regain vitality with the help of dietary supplements or medicines – even the adaptogens recommended for persistent low mood and weakness should be taken as directed by a doctor.

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