Doctors told how to cope with depression

Apathetic depression is a panic and oppressed state, in which a person experiences complex emotional experiences, imbalance, melancholy, physical and moral weakness.

Apathetic depression is most often detected in women – in 65% of all cases, however, such figures can be justified by a higher willingness of women to share their problems, including with doctors. The disease can occur from the age of seventeen, however, in the most susceptible category, there are girls from thirty to thirty-five years old.

How does apathetic depression occur?

The most common cause of apathetic depression is hereditary transmission, but it has been proven that the disease has nothing to do with congenital characteristics of a person. A hormonal failure, for example, in adolescence, can serve as a catalyst for the disease; during pregnancy; in the case of the use of hormonal drugs. But the key factor provoking blood pressure is the environment and the psychological state of a person. Regular stress, psychological pressure and stress directly affect the onset of AD symptoms. Other reasons include:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • excessive intellectual activity;
  • dissatisfaction with the current life situation – family, work, place in society.

The main manifestations of apathetic depression

The early signs of the disease, the patient can observe independently and is able to tell the specialists about his condition. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor online, which is more of a starting than the main method of assistance. Apathetic depression can manifest as follows:

  • The patient does not want change. He is firmly convinced of his own failure and powerlessness;
  •  A person is unable to make decisions. The patient is confused and shies away from any responsibility;
  • Indifference. The patient does not find anything worth his attention. Sometimes the loss of interest extends to oneself, people and events in the world;

Weakness – this symptom is manifested by sluggish gestures and movements. This becomes noticeable in the person’s gait, posture and demeanor. The patient communicates slowly, incoherently and without any expression. It can be difficult for a person to formulate or complete a thought.

Also, patients suffer from loss of appetite, forgetfulness, sexual indifference and insomnia.

Treatment of apathetic depression

The most effective way to treat AD is to work with a psychiatrist. Together with the patient, the doctor helps to find the main reasons that could provoke the formation of negative soil. The main task of therapy is to awaken interest in life events. It is very important that the patient learns to set goals on his own (work on priorities).

Occupational therapy is one of the highly effective methods. The correct choice of work activity will help the patient to educate / restore the qualities necessary for a full life.

If the patient does not want to be treated, he may be prescribed hypnotherapy, drug treatment.

Taking vitamin B is recommended for any form of blood pressure. The following drugs are prescribed:

  • Thiamin – relieving anxiety, panic attacks, supporting intellectual activity
  • Pyridoxine – stabilization of the functions of the nervous system, relieving fatigue, immunity to stress;
  • Cyanocobalamin – increases vigor and energy reserves.

Appetite enhancers, hypnotics, nootropics and antidepressants are also prescribed.

Learn to enjoy nature and peace, walk in parks and forests, go to the country house. Stay alone with yourself more often, try to understand yourself, listen to yourself! Fresh air, peace and quiet work wonders!

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