How depression affects the human body

Depression is a very common disease these days. Depression not only causes pessimism, irritability, pain and exhaustion, it also affects communication and the ability to maintain relationships.

Depressed people are more likely to avoid social challenges. They can behave in this way because of the feeling of their “insignificance” and depression, fear of conflict, desire to maintain a relationship. But such a strategy, on the contrary, destroys relationships. Problems are not resolved in a constructive way, opportunities for establishing intimacy are lost.

Uncertainty about the future of the relationship, its significance for a partner is a catalyst for barriers to communication. Scientists analyzed 126 couples, among whom one person was diagnosed with depression. They tended to avoid discussing sensitive issues. The researchers hope to find a way to address the vicious circle between depression, insecurity in relationships, and communication problems.

Research by scientists has once again confirmed that depression is not only a mental disorder, but actively affects physical health. Earlier, other studies have confirmed its links to diseases such as migraines, arthritis, and the effect of depression in pregnant women on brain development in babies.

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