Depression – a real disease or a pronounced myth? We deal with our emotions

Recently, one group of researchers came to the conclusion that sadness is good for health. At the present day, according to statistics, every twentieth inhabitant of the earth of something sad. According to the World Health Organization, in about ten years, depression as a disease will come first, ahead of cardiovascular diseases and infections.
So what is this disease? Doctors define depression as an emotional disorder. Her companions are hopelessness, depression, guilt, increased self-criticism, loss of interest in life, impaired clarity of thinking, helplessness.

All these symptoms, even though they seem ghostly, can occur in almost everyone, just with different frequency and strength. But, since they can occur in almost everyone, it turns out that everyone is sick? No, on the contrary, they are healthy. According to studies, depression is one of the normal human emotions. We need them to survive.
Doctors say that negative emotions have appeared in people for a reason. For example, fear warns of danger, and not only people, but also some animals fall into sadness. For example, monkeys, elephants, dogs can become discouraged. Most likely, such a state of despondency serves as a signal for fellow tribesmen that their comrade needs support. In the same way, people learned to develop facial expressions in order to attract the attention of others and make it clear that they need support. Even a baby from childhood is already attracting attention by crying if he is sick or lacking something.

In some cases, depression acts as a psychological defense mechanism. A person who has gone through depression becomes hardened, resistant to life’s troubles and trials. It is as if acquiring immunity. This can be compared with the fact that a person who has had a certain disease does not get sick anymore, since he becomes immune to the disease. During the spleen, a person learns to extract experience from his mistakes, begins to look at the world around him in a new way.

There are cases in history when many artists created their best works, being in a state of deep depression. Usually, after depression, there is the possibility of changes in life, and for the better.

The fact claimed by scientists that depression is not a disease is actually a big challenge, especially the antidepressant industry. After all, it turns out, it is not necessary to radiate it. And the production and sale of antidepressants brings huge profits to manufacturing companies. So, for example, in our country about 30% of the population consume them, and in the USA about two thirds.

Millions and billions are annually spent on advertising new drugs in the world . And according to advertising, these remedies promise to cure us of what we usually call excitement, sadness, shyness, sorrow. The fact that all these conditions are declared states of depression is beneficial for the drug manufacturers themselves – pharmaceutical companies.

But all this is facilitated by many psychiatrists , they do this for various reasons. Many sincerely believe that they discovered and described a new, previously unknown disease, and others because they receive large and generous rewards from pharmaceutical companies. That’s exactly why and only, depression now occupies the top of the ratings of the most common diseases.

There are two ways to get rid of depression . The first way, let’s call it pragmatic, is to find the reasons that make us unhappy. Once the cause is discovered, you should look for ways out of this situation, and then just live in anticipation of a bright and happy future. Well, the second way: you need to read a book in complete silence , or sleep to exhaustion, and then laugh at yourself and the world. And continue to live in peace.

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