Psychologists warn of the danger of bullying in the workplace

Studies have shown that bullying in the workplace can gradually lead to mental health problems for the victim, leading to depression, anxiety and the development of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

The study showed that victims of hooligans in the workplace are most likely taking antidepressants, sleeping pills, sedatives, and other psychotropic drugs. Witnesses – people who witnessed bullying in the workplace and did nothing – are also more likely to take these medicines.

Scientists from the University of Helsinki in Finland wanted to give an objective measure of the impact of bullying in the workplace on the mental health of victims and their colleagues, considering their health in the long term.

Although bullying in the workplace can be defined differently, the authors decided that: “bullying in the workplace is a work-related situation in which victims are in an unequal position with respect to the attackers and are not able to protect themselves from negative action “

The study examined a large sample of civil servants working in Helsinki. Researchers tracked the national registry of prescription data for psychotropic drugs – antidepressants, sedatives, tranquilizers and sleeping pills – for 3 years before bullying in the workplace and for 5 years after that.

This study adds weight to evidence that psychological and physical harm can be caused by bullying in the workplace.

“Training administrators and improving management capabilities can help achieve control goals and prevent bullying at work. This can help keep workers healthy and prevent the harmful effects of bullying in the workplace, “the researchers say.

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