Medications for depression: aren’t pills dangerous?

The modern world significantly changes the lives of people, they are often subjected to stress – physical and psycho-emotional. Many people often note sleep problems, anxiety, sharp mood swings, changes in working capacity and various ailments. Parts of patients at the reception doctors diagnose   depression, and some people themselves define its symptoms by resorting to the use of drugs that eliminate depressive disorders. But how effective and safe are these pills, is it dangerous to take them often, with long courses?

Depression and its treatment

Such drugs, which relieve the feeling of constant anxiety, stabilize mood and increase physical and mental activity, and also partially normalize sleep, are called antidepressants. That is, they are aimed at combating depression, a specific disorder of the nervous system, often diagnosed unreasonably. If we talk about the leading action of drugs, they slow down the process of elimination from the tissues of the brain of specific substances – neurotransmitters. The latter are responsible for the active and complete, well-coordinated work of all brain departments.

Ideally, endogenous depression is diagnosed only by a doctor, and a psychiatrist, and is used to treat it.   drugs, strictly selected by age, the specifics of the situation and in verified individual dosage. But many people today use pills that have a psychotropic effect, unreasonably often when they have no real need.

Effects of Stress, Mood Problems and Treatment

Often, completely different pathologies are taken as manifestations of depression: the effects of stress, overwork, chronic infections or somatic diseases. Often, problems at work or in the family, feelings and stress, constant bad mood, which has very real reasons, become an occasion to get pills in the pharmacy that suppress the manifestations of depression. In America, almost every adult resident knows that antidepressants are the first thing used in treatment, although it is more correct to work with oneself or to visit a psychoanalyst and eliminate stress and its consequences from one’s life. But this is extra time and extra effort, and the pills can be drunk and the rhinestone can eliminate all anxieties, improve your mood. Actors and celebrities are sitting on antidepressants, today these drugs are prescribed even for adolescents and very young children. In the United States, the scope of the problem is very large; for the population, antidepressants have become a peculiar way of life.

“Magic” pills?

In our country, stress and depression are still eliminated by taking sedatives, herbal remedies, alcoholic drinks, or heart-to-heart talk. But increasingly, pharmaceutical campaigns are promoting pills that “help improve life,” and often among top managers and managers, they are also becoming extremely popular.

Taking the pill temporarily allows you to forget the difficulties and troubles, but often this treatment brings more problems than good. Rough actions, quarrels with relatives, detachment from everything, difficulties at work can be a consequence of the reception. However, the problems of relationships and work – it’s half the problem , have not yet developed such pills that would not have an impressive list of side effects. Although manufacturers claim that their tablets are safe, experts are convinced of the opposite.

Side Effects of Antidepressant Drugs

First of all, it is worth noting that the drugs of this group form addictive. Often when   depression   go on, people take them for safety, prevention, and if you abruptly cancel the medication, the symptoms return again, and sometimes more painful than before. Often, even a smooth withdrawal of medication can lead to the fact that manifestations of fear and anxiety, as well as a feeling of depression, are gradually returning again.

Also, antidepressants have an impressive list of side effects that occur in some patients during treatment. These include nausea, problems of hearing and vision, constipation, difficulty urinating, allergies, problems with the work of the liver and much more. There are separate drugs that can provoke confusion, or cause epileptic seizures. There may be negative reactions in relation to vascular tone, a sharp decrease in pressure. It is important to understand that pills can also provoke the development of withdrawal symptoms, but if they are taken in high doses, overdose can threaten the patient’s life. And with all this, they do not treat depression as such, but only temporarily eliminate its manifestations.

Only prescribed by a doctor!

More recently, doctors have rather actively used these drugs in patients with signs of depressive disorders. But today, more and more specialists are inclined to the fact that treating mild forms of depression is worth safer methods – psychotherapy, relaxation techniques. Now in our country, such tablets are gaining popularity.

It is important to understand that the decision on the admission of drugs should be made only by the doctor, clearly assessing the presence of reasonable indications. In reality, those people who need antidepressant medication are few. But often people are looking for a solution to their problems in pills, considering that taking a certain drug will solve all the difficulties in life, and not everyone has the time to regularly visit a doctor.

It has not yet been fully clarified how these medicines affect the human brain, therefore, when prescribing them, the doctor should really determine that the patient will be very ill without pills, and other methods are not suitable. The man himself, simply by reading the information about the tablets on the Internet and evaluating all the reviews, in no case should not acquire and accept such funds. Although pharmacists must sell them strictly according to the doctor’s prescription, pharmacies often violate this rule, bypassing a couple of them is quite possible to get antidepressants.And this is a big risk that patients deliberately take.

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