Stress and depression are inherited, doctors say

Researchers from the University of Zurich concluded that stressful situations negatively affect metabolism and are inherited.

These results were confirmed by studies in laboratory mice. The experiment showed that after the rodents were stressed, the same stressful state was reflected in their offspring.

Specialists compared micro RNAs of animals that were stressed at the beginning of their lives, with animals that did not get into stressful situations. So in the course of the study it turned out that in mice that experienced stress, the amount of micro RNA changed.

After the stress generation produced new offspring, the results showed that newborns also showed an altered state of micro RNA. That is, the new generation repeated the behavior of parents, which corresponded to stress.

The generation of rodents, whose parents suffered stress, had their offspring. The analysis showed that in newborn mice metabolism was impaired. And in rodents that were born in animals with impaired metabolism, there was a constant depression.

After analyzing all the results, scientists from the University of Zurich concluded that such behavior can be common to people. Shortly before that, these same experts claimed that a sense of fear could be inherited.

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