Scientists: Migraines May Depress

According to a study by Canadian scientists published in the scientific publication Depression Research and Treatment, people who are diagnosed with migraines are twice as likely to experience protracted depression.

To confirm this data, scientists analyzed data obtained from 67 thousand patients suffering from migraines, which were registered in 2005-2007. They determined that 1 out of 16 people with migraines experienced depressive conditions, which were exacerbated by suicidal tendencies.

Another conclusion was the explicit separation of the age group of people under 60 years of age. It is they who, with regular attacks of migraines, often fall into depressive states. Scientists cannot give explanations to this fact yet.

To solve this problem, Canadian researchers plan to conduct a series of tests that should figure out why older people almost never experience such conditions. They believe that if this relationship is revealed, then it will be possible to effectively deal with depressive states that occur in younger people.

Recall that migraine is a fairly common neuralgic disease. The main symptom of this disease is severe headaches, often in half the head. At the same time, no pathological changes such as tumors or strokes are noted in the brain, although, according to scientists, the pains are of a vascular nature. At the same time, it has long been known that changes in blood pressure practically do not affect the frequency of seizure intensity.

The onset of depression is associated precisely with severe pain during migraine attacks. However, it is not entirely clear how these attacks are perceived by people over 60 years old if they do not become depressed.

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