Neurotic depression

Today, many people know about the existence of neuritic depression. Modern life dictates its own rules, for which you often have to deal with stress and depression, with emotional and psychological stress. Neurotic depression requires a certain qualified approach to eliminate it. Meanwhile, most people, unfortunately, do not go to appointments with specialists, trying to cope with this condition on their own. Some even take medication without a doctor’s prescription. Such behavior can be a threat to human health.

Neurotic depression is a psychogenic pathology that develops due to the influence of a stress factor or a stressful situation on the central nervous system of the human body. At the same time, the development of neurotic depression requires a long and regular exposure to an uncomfortable situation. Nevertheless, a single factor, but having a high intensity, is enough for the occurrence of neurotic depression. Neurotic depression manifests itself in neurotic syndromes.

Factors causing the development of neurotic depression are numerous and diverse. These include – chronic fatigue, overheating or hypothermia, prolonged sleep disturbances and insomnia, chronic nerve stress, psychological and emotional stress, conflict situations in different life spheres, loss of a close and dear person or some tangible or intangible values, self-doubt and feelings of loneliness and the effects of psychological trauma. All these conditions and factors are aggravated if a person smokes and drinks alcohol, leads an inactive lifestyle, and is overweight.

At the beginning of the development of neurotic depression, when a person still has his own strength to deal with stress, there may be non-intense sensations of a subjective nature, which patients, as a rule, do not complain about. By such symptoms include short-term bouts of fatigue, not strong headache, mood swings in the afternoon, a deterioration of appetite. Nevertheless, the person’s external activity does not suffer at this stage, he remains able-bodied and mobile.

In the future, subject to the continuation of the influence of negative factors on a person, their own forces begin to dry out. All of these symptoms of neurotic depression are exacerbated. When communicating with a specialist, a person teaches all these manifestations as complaints. Moreover, the nature of these complaints every day becomes more intense.

Every day, like a snowball, weakness and lethargy increase, a reduction in working capacity and the inability to concentrate, nervousness and a desire to cry, sudden mood swings and self-doubt. Physiologically, they are noted – loss of appetite and drowsiness, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, decreased sexual desire, various and numerous pains in different organs and areas of the body. Every day, patients lose weight. It is becoming more and more difficult for them to withstand stressful stresses, to deal with an irritating factor. The aggravation of symptoms of neurotic depression can lead to the fact that a person closes from the outside world, concentrates on himself, not even trying to ask for help. In severe cases, neurotic depression can even lead to dismissal or to the departure of their family.

If the development of neurotic depression has already begun, then, in order to avoid complications and problems, it is better to immediately contact a qualified specialist whom the patient trusts.

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