Protracted depression is a disease of modern society

According to scientists, the main ailment of modern society due to its continuous development is protracted depression – a psychological disorder characterized by a loss of interest in life, a loss of the ability to experience joy, impaired positive thinking, and a decrease in self-esteem. The most dangerous prolonged depression – with inaction, it can become irreversible and entail disastrous consequences.

Thoughts of suicide come to mind in the last stages of depression, when a person cannot find a way out of a difficult life situation. Moreover, there is no cure for depression.

This raises the question of what to do and how to help a person who has succumbed to despair?

One advice – you should immediately contact a therapist. A specialist in peace of mind will help a desperate person find peace and harmony, fill his life with bright colors.

How to recognize lingering depression?

Dullness, dullness, dullness – this is what gives a person out of depression. Longing, indifference, detachment – all this depresses a person from the inside. Every minute seems pointless, like all life. The past became a mistake, the present an addictive resin, and the future a dark precipice. Staying here does not make sense. Everything that was important becomes dust in the eyes of the patient, everything that was first priority becomes nonsense in the first kind.

These symptoms are most often experienced by young mothers after childbirth. Such depression is called postpartum. A woman in this state is characterized by associative thinking. The simplest questions and requests are perceived with difficulty, while the more complex ones remain completely unanswered. A woman simply stops responding to her surroundings. Loses a sense of reality. Other feelings are also lost – especially tactile sensations.

With prolonged depression , the mental abilities of a person deteriorate. Habitual thought processes become overwhelming work for the patient. The emotional state fills it in its entirety, and the environment, including relatives, friends, acquaintances, are not interested in a person who is depressed.

For help – to psychologists!

Chronic depression can take quite a while. Deterioration of the patient’s condition indicates a lack of the hormone serotonin in the body, the amount of which becomes less and less with time. After three years of being in this state, the situation worsens because chronic depression can be complicated by other mental disorders. Subsequently, this may lead to an attempted suicide.

Fortunately, protracted depression is treatable. However, one must understand that therapeutic therapy does not have typical “formulas and drugs”. Each patient needs an individual approach, since the problems that led to depressive disorders are different for all people. In accordance with this, treatment methods are selected, although the goal remains the same – to remove depression and emotional disharmony.

Treatment for prolonged depression usually has two or three stages. The first step involves eliminating the most obvious signs of a depressive disorder. The duration of the treatment course is from 6 to 12 weeks. The second stage lasts from 4 to 9 months. It is based on maintaining satisfactory health and protecting the patient from a return to illness. The help of a doctor may not be needed if a depressive disorder occurred with a patient for the first or second time.


Patients with advanced, protracted depression go to the third stage of treatment. In some cases, the maintenance course lasts the rest of your life. Treatment at this stage is aimed at preventing relapse of the disease. The third stage exists for those who struggle with the disease more than three times and cannot finally recover.

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