Depression has a positive effect on spouses

A group of scientists from the United States was able to establish that a depressed state can positively affect marital relations, helping people to get closer, to know each other better and take care of a partner. It is the depressive state that drives the desire to better understand the partner and try to maintain a relationship.

Scientists made this conclusion after they studied the relationship of 135 married couples who were 20-85 years old and they were in a relationship from 6 months to 46 years. It turns out that in each of them, one partner suffered from depression. Volunteers said that it was precisely at such moments that a trusting relationship appeared between them, each of the spouses at that moment was ready to help and provide support to their soulmate.

Scientists note that when one of the spouses is depressed, the couple has a desire to discuss the emerging problem together and also solve it together. Husband and wife become more open, show excessive attention and care, which helps to strengthen family relationships.

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