Female sexual disorders – how to overcome them?

Experts are confident in the purely psychological reason for the development of various female abnormalities in the field of sexual life. As a rule, female sexual disorders relate to the inability to receive satisfaction from sexual intercourse. Problems in sexual life are the woman’s reluctance to engage in sexual relations (lack of attraction) for a long time, as well as stating strong painful sensations (aversion, psychological torment) during sexual intercourse.

Causes of Sexual Ailments

Unlike a similar diagnosis in men, female sexual diseases mainly relate to psychological aspects. Frigidity in various manifestations is the main sign of a violation of a woman’s healthy sexual behavior. Less commonly, experts attribute the consequences of the development of infectious manifestations to sexual disorders (dryness in the vagina, pain during sexual intercourse, burning sensation, drawing pain in the lower abdomen).

Often the main cause of sexual dysfunctions in women is psychological immaturity, that is, fear of pain, bleeding and other phenomena, the presence of unsuccessful sexual experiences, facts of violence, stress, depression, and a postpartum reaction to intimacy. Varieties of frigidity range from a complete refusal to live a sex life to minor violations in assessing satisfaction with a sexual life. In this regard, the treatment of sexual disorders is undertaken versatile and depends on the cause that provoked the patient’s painful condition.

Other sexual disorders are based on the formation of various pathological processes. Painful symptoms that occur during intercourse can be a consequence of the development of an infection (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, etc.). The feeling of painful manifestations can affect the frequency of sexual intercourse, with a gradual rejection of them.


How to treat sexual problems?

If a sexually transmitted infection is detected, activity must be eliminated. For this purpose, the doctor prescribes the patient a course of antibiotic drugs, sets the duration of treatment and the intensity of the drug exposure.

During the passage of a woman an antibiotic course, the gynecologist must prescribe her probiotic drugs (Linkas, Bifiform, Acepol and others). With their help, you can avoid the development of dysbiosis, affect the condition of the mucous membranes of the internal genital organs, and, therefore, eliminate unpleasant, painful symptoms during intercourse.

Psychological female sexual disorders are corrected with the participation of a sexologist. Identifying the true causes of dissatisfaction with sexual life is the first step towards recovery. A specialist can prescribe various practices, which include meditation, self-hypnosis, the practice of various methods of sexual contact. The best results are achieved with the participation of both partners – both men and women.

Refusal of qualified help exacerbates the development of painful manifestations. As a result, the patient completely ignores sexual relations, probably the appearance of feelings of disgust and other painful psychological reactions to intimacy.

Despite various sources of sexual dysfunctions, their elimination is based on two fundamental factors. The first is the study of a woman’s psychological readiness for sexual activity, an analysis of the available signs of sexual dysfunction. The second is the treatment of infectious diseases in the genital area. With timely exposure to any source of sexual ailment, the prognosis for a speedy full recovery is very favorable.

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