Scientists say that Twitter helps identify psychopaths

Scientists from the USA after conducting a special analysis of various messages on the social network Twitter found that they can recognize users suffering from mental disorders.

Specialists from Johns Hopkins University were able to identify users of the social network Twitter with mental illnesses and disorders. A detailed report on the work of specialists is published on the official website of the university.

Scientists studied more than 8 billion messages, where they took into account not only direct indications of various mental disorders (most portal members do not hide their illnesses and openly share this information with other users), but also such statements, grammatical constructions, expressions that can determine different types of mental disorders.

The most common diseases are depression, seasonal and bipolar affective disorder, post-traumatic stress syndrome. According to American scientists, with the help of Internet resources, researchers will be able to significantly reduce the time they spend on collecting data on mental illness.

In addition, with the help of Twitter, scientists learned to identify various real diseases that are seasonal in nature, in particular, outbreaks of influenza and SARS. As a result of the research, the scientists concluded that thanks to the messages in the social networks, it is possible to recognize diseases of various areas.

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