Doctors told what to fear in February

According to experts in the last winter month, the risk of depression is especially high. He argues that in terms of psychology, February is the most difficult. This month for many people is becoming the most unfavorable time emotionally.

Scientists note that in psychiatry there is a place for such a concept as “seasonal depression.” As a rule, this is an exacerbation of an existing condition. This course of events is due to the fact that in February, on Valentine’s Day, many recall their unhappy love and unsuccessful relationships. Moreover, not only adolescents, but middle-aged and elderly people suffer from this.

It should be noted that lonely people or those who most recently lost a loved one suffer especially hard on Valentine’s Day.

The weather factors ¬ exacerbate the problem of depression of this period – lack of light, an excess of cold, and the onset of heat and spring. In addition, a lunar and solar eclipse usually occurs this month, having an adverse effect on the psyche and human health in general.

Many people who traditionally make special plans for the future before the New Year are usually very worried in February due to the fact that in their life not everything is as successful as they wanted – their career and relationships may disappoint.

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