Chronic fatigue

The term “chronic fatigue syndrome” is widely known among residents of megalopolises. Humanity has met this state since the middle of the twentieth century and it still remains relevant as long as we work hard and forget about enough rest and the need to protect our mental and physical health. What is this mysterious state and how experts advise to cope with it?

First of all, these are constant complaints of fatigue after mental work or complaints of weakness in the body and exhaustion after minimal physical effort.

Of the physical (they are also called somatic from other Greek. “Soma” – the body) manifestations most often occur: muscle pain, dizziness, headache, sleep disturbance, inability to relax, irritability, digestive disorders.

It is especially important to find out if it is not hidden, i.e. masked, or chronic depression. As a rule, such subtleties can be determined by a specialist psychiatrist or psychotherapist, because in order to make a correct diagnosis, a doctor must exclude bodily pathology. To do this, you will only need to undergo a general examination by a general practitioner (therapist) and you may be asked to pass tests for basic parameters.

There is one important feature: patients usually notice physical signs of fatigue and weakness, pay a lot of attention to finding the cause of the disease in the body and do not always admit to themselves that they do worse things, they less productively think that many things become difficult and harder. proceed to any new task (procrastination). Irritability and anxiety due to trifles, change of mood depending on the circumstances – the usual satellites in this state.

It is especially important to find out if it is not hidden, i.e. masked, or chronic depression.

While working with a psychotherapist, it usually turns out that in conditions of multitasking at work and / or in family life, it is difficult for a person to navigate for his own purposes. Together with a specialist, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome re-learn to separate the most important in life from the secondary, to praise and appreciate themselves for their work, more consciously approach to systematic rest, generally allow it to yourself. The specialist here acts as a moderator of behavior in such a way that the patient more consciously structure his life. In special cases, a light anti-depressant can be prescribed as a supplement in order to reduce anxiety, restore mental strength more quickly and return the feeling of joy from each passing day.

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