5 signs that you have apathy and depression

You’re tired. For every five failures, there is one success, or even none. The routine absorbs deeper, but there’s no help waiting. A situation that can lead to a protracted depression – constant apathy or prolonged fatigue – is not decided abstractly, but on specific points. So, what are the signs that you are going to the bottom, and how to cope with them?

  1. You break into close people

Millions of people get out of trouble every day at work. If there is no possibility to change the place, then there is always an opportunity to stop your anger, which merges into your relatives. So you save both your nerves and your relationship with loved ones, who with each new attack of anger value you less and less. In protracted conflicts, it makes sense to turn to a family psychologist.

  1. You have no desire to go somewhere on your day off

After the business week, there is only one desire left – sleep and rest. It is in the order of things, and no one should blame you for resting in this way. But if after a vacation, on holidays or being on vacation, you do not want to spend time with the benefit of yourself and your family away from home – you bury yourself in apathy. Do not deny yourself to go to the only concert of your favorite group or go to the exhibition of new technologies. After the event, you will be pleasantly surprised that the half-asleep negative mood has evaporated.

  1. You are increasingly “running away” to TV shows, video games or spirits.

Escapism is often common in dysfunctional families, when a child constantly plays video games, not wanting to listen to the next portion of criticism and negativity from parents. If you also tend to run away from problems in the staged worlds, this can lead to a prolonged depression. In addition, when we constantly do something pleasant, it ceases to give pleasure and becomes a habit. It makes sense to protect yourself from hobbies and set some limits, for example, “I watch the show on weekends” or “I play in my spare time when there are no important things.” The main thing is not to limit yourself to words like “necessarily”, otherwise you will unconsciously fight with yourself.

  1. Older holidays and meetings have ceased to bring you joy.

Birthday is not the same as before? New Year’s mood is not? In fact, to constantly enjoy the holidays is unrealistic, because we simply get used to them. And what we get used to, sooner or later ceases to be appreciated on a subconscious level. After all, what good is it to rejoice, if we already have it and will not go anywhere? Therefore, only a friendly or family atmosphere can maintain a festive mood: a joint trip for decorations and gifts has never killed a holiday in the soul.

  1. Are you sure you can not achieve more

Do you go with the flow, miss opportunities and do not remember when the last time you reached your goals? There is a lack of self-confidence in you that kills all your talents and prospects. Self-confidence depends, among other things, on people’s assessments, for this reason we often stay in high spirits after compliments. But you can make compliments yourself as well: after performing certain tasks, be it a fruitful working day, written journalistic material or a surprise to your loved one, you need to reward yourself. After the efforts (not scary if they did not bring the expected result), be sure to buy yourself a cake or arrange an unplanned rest. You subconsciously remember the mechanism “labor is rewarded” and you will be more confident in your abilities. Do not forget: first of all you need to jump over yourself, and not be equal to others.

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