Depression affects the way people use the Internet

It turns out that young people suffering from manifestations of depression use the World Wide Web a little differently than those who do not suffer from depression. This conclusion allowed us to draw a recent study of American experts.

A group of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of the State of Missouri found that students who suffer from various forms of depression are more likely to use exchange file systems than their peers who do not suffer from violations. In addition, students with depression most often cannot concentrate on performing any one action; they switch from one source to another.

Researchers note that their study was the first of its kind, since data on the relationship of depression and the nature of use of the World Wide Web was anonymously collected. Thus, the information collected is extremely reliable.

The study involved two hundred and twenty young bachelors. After all the participants were brought together, they themselves chose pseudonyms so that the scientists directing the study would not identify a specific person with the results of the study.

Before starting the study, all participants were tested for signs of depression. After that, the results were correlated with data on the nature of students’ use of the Internet. The difference was obvious – students with signs of depression were more inclined to file-sharing systems, as this allowed them to switch from one task to another faster.

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