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Treatment of stress and depression at the Ultramed clinic

A large number of names of drugs implies knowledge of their properties and individual characteristics of the course of the disease. Based on the above information, it can be understood that contacting a professional psychotherapist is the best way to find the right drug for the treatment of stress and depression. Do not self-medicate – […]

What is depression really

This is a long-term (2 weeks or more) pronounced decrease in mood, which is accompanied by several additional symptoms: decreased activity, slowing down of mental activity, lack of joy in life. That is, if you are no longer touched by the usual joys – hobbies, family, gatherings with friends, then this is an occasion to […]

Depression and neurology

Depression is a mental health disorder in which there is a prolonged low mood, combined with feelings of hopelessness, meaninglessness of life, lethargy and irritability. This state arises as a response to a number of biological, psychological and social factors, too difficult, complex events and experiences. There are 2 types of depression – neurotic and […]

” Baby Blues”

It is postnatal depression that should be separated from the deterioration of the emotional state immediately after childbirth. The so-called baby blues develops in 80% of women due to changes in hormonal levels. The state of pregnancy is maintained by high concentrations of the hormone progesterone. From the point of view of the emotional background, […]

When “I” goes down. The story of how self-esteem collapses

“Something strange happens to girls at the beginning of adolescence. As planes and ships perish in the Bermuda Triangle, so it goes to the bottom, the “I” of girls at this age disappears, ”says writer Mary Pifer . The transition period has always been difficult in the life of a growing person, but in America […]

The art of managing emotions. Bonus: Two Emotional Maturity Exercises

Emotional competence is related to a person’s ability to process their experiences, emotions and knowledge. If we have emotional maturity, we can recognize our emotions and express them appropriately. Dealing with our emotions with the book “Integral Coaching”. emotional maturity We humans have both feelings and logic. Logic is an amazing thing, and thanks to […]