How to overcome the autumn depression and make friends with the cold?

With the onset of cold weather, a person falls in mood, depression appears , the risk of catching a cold or other viral diseases increases. Such a reaction to cold is a physiological feature of the human body.

During cold weather, nature freezes and vital human processes also slow down: it lacks the heat and light of the sun, more and more often sad thoughts, do not want to leave the house. And in order to maintain the internal temperature in normal, the body uses a mechanism of thermoregulation.

How does human psychology change with the onset of cold weather? Is cold always a reason to stay at home? Ways to overcome the autumn blues, as well as recommendations for beauty and health – in this article.

Human psychology: cold equals depression?

Despondency and decreased physical activity, fatigue and physical weakness are the symptoms that accompany many people with the onset of the cold season. Most often, they coincide with the onset of autumn – when the mind and body still remember the warm summer days, however, a completely different picture is observed outside the window.

Is it possible for a person to become depressed only because there is dampness, slush, rain, wind and low air temperature outside the window?

Psychologists believe that weather conditions undoubtedly affect the emotional background, however, nature does not have such strength and omnipotence to cause depressive thoughts and feelings by the onset of cold weather.

Why do people often say “I have an autumn depression”? Bad weather conditions, lack of sun have the following effects on the psyche and the body:

  • The activity of hormonal processes slows down;
  • The body feels the approach of winter and becomes vulnerable;
  • Avitaminosis appears;
  • The level of internal resources and strength is reduced.

However, experts also found that if a person is in an upbeat state of mind with the onset of autumn – he is happy with good life changes, his business is going “uphill”, he has everything to feel happy and satisfied, is in anticipation of exciting life events – change of weather is not capable of causing an autumn depression in it. This suggests that even if everything in life does not go so smoothly, then autumn does not always have to be an occasion or a push for gloom. To cultivate inner forces in oneself, to invent ideas, to look for reasons for joy, a person can always and the time of year cannot stop it.

Psychologists rightly argue that, from the way a person treats events happening around him – he is sad and depressed or is looking for resources and benefits for himself – his emotional state and physical health depend. Therefore, if you make friends with the cold and take from it all the useful things you can, the autumn gloomy time will turn into a period of pleasure and depression will have no place in life.

Creative Treatment

Experts advise to raise the mood in the cold season by any kind of creativity. Needlework and drawing, papier-mâché, modeling, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments are ways to distract from the dull landscape outside the window, evoke positive emotions inside and take some time for your desires.

The therapeutic effect is enhanced if creativity is accompanied by bright colors. Color affects the attitude and perception of man. During the autumn blues it is useful to surround yourself with bright, warm tones, such as yellow, orange, red, turquoise, lilac, crimson.

Creativity is a great way to maintain an emotional state in the fall. You can do art therapy, burning wood, knitting, embroidery or other hobbies. It is during bad weather that many creative talents are revealed, and an awareness of values ​​comes.

Tips for beauty and healthy lifestyles

In the cold season, taking care of beauty and health requires more effort and time – cold air and wind dry the skin, lack of vitamins, low physical activity adversely affect the appearance, viral diseases make not only feel weak and unwell, but also deprive the natural attractiveness. Such changes also take away a good mood and cause depressive thoughts.

What to do so that beauty and health remain faithful companions in the autumn and winter? Experts advise to take care of their health and use the cold for the benefit of the body and external attractiveness. Hardening is one of the ways to improve the physical and emotional state.

To begin the procedure of hardening, you need to foot bath, a douche and, gradually, go to the rubdown. All procedures should be carried out systematically, gradually increasing the intensity of their influence on the body.

It is better to select hardening procedures individually, taking into account age and a state of health. But, best of all, before deciding on hardening, you should consult with your doctor and, possibly, be examined to exclude the presence of contraindications.

The final rule of hardening is getting pleasure. This process should bring joy, otherwise the procedure will not bring results and the autumn depression will not back down.

Winter swimming is another way to make friends with the cold and cause strong emotions. Having a swim in icy water, the body gets stressed. Due to this, adrenaline is released, which increases the activity of production of protective antibodies and improves blood circulation. However, before embarking on winter swimming, it is also necessary that the doctor’s permission to transfer such loads.

Beauty and youth are preserved thanks to the cold. To do this, use cryotherapy – treatment with cold. This method is used as a rejuvenation of the skin, reducing inflammatory changes.

If you want to lose weight, you can get acquainted with the thermal diet. Its essence lies in the fact that a person should put on clothes as little as possible, take a cold shower or add ice cubes to drinking water before eating. Using this method, you can lose up to 8 kg in two weeks – promise experts, adherents of the new fashion method.

HLS is always on guard not only for well-being, but also for a cheerful mood: active games with friends, sports hobbies, walks – an opportunity not only to feel good, but also a reason for new acquaintances, to increase inner confidence. Physical movements give the necessary energy, the lungs are saturated with oxygen, blood circulation processes are improved, immunity is increased, the musculoskeletal system is strengthened. Physical activity during the cold season gives beauty, energy and health and reduces the risk of depression.

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