Aspirin Helps Eliminate Depression

Scientists have suggested that depression is not due to psychological problems, but is a consequence of a person’s physical condition.

If it comes to depression, then the use of antidepressants immediately comes to mind. However, according to scientists from Cambridge University, the treatment of depressive conditions may consist in the use of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

As it turned out, scientists combine the appearance of a depressive state with the presence of inflammatory processes in the human body.

This is confirmed by the scientific work of a group of Danish researchers who studied the correspondence of two years ago about 3.6 million people and found that inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease and arthritis provoked the development of depressive states in 45% of cases.

In addition, patients with serious inflammatory infections, such as hepatitis or sepsis, experienced depression by 62%.

Scientists believe that some people are constantly under the influence of inflammatory processes at a low level. They are more likely to experience depression. That is why scientists believe that depression can be defeated with ordinary aspirin or nurofen.

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