The difficulties of our life …

Other important social factors contributing to the development of depression are modern urbanization with its unfavorable ecology and avalanches of information flows, increased population migration and even an increase in life expectancy.

A chronic stressful situation is very destructive for the body, whether it be incessant conflicts in the family and a tense situation at work, a long loss of earnings and other troubles familiar to many.

In a person’s life, persistent failures and repeated situations of stress are often caused by a distorted psychological attitude and an involuntary expectation of the next problem. Failure to cope with one of them, a person can lose self-confidence . He feels helpless, deeply vulnerable, unable to withstand difficulties and the futility of efforts. The risk of developing depression especially increases when a person begins to explain all his unhappiness only by external circumstances that he can not control in any way .

Still more probable depression at the “imposition” of acute trauma to severe, chronic situation ( “the troubles do not go in alone and crowds”).

Thus, the early loss of at least one of the parents, divorce, experiences associated with disasters or wars, job loss, or other difficult life situations can contribute to the onset of mental disorders of the depressive spectrum. These conditions reveal a person’s predisposition to illness.


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