Chronic stress and anxiety – how to return calm?

A modern woman needs to catch herself everywhere and everywhere, to cope with a lot of things and at the same time also look perfect – day after day almost without rest. How not to drive yourself and restore vitality?

Regular nervous “shakes” – almost the same companion of modern life. Doctors have already called stress one of the main ills of the XXI century. At the same time, both physicians and sociologists unanimously claim that women are the most affected by this scourge today.

It is the representatives of the fair half that often mark the “complex of an excellent student,” when “everything must be done immediately, at its best, and certainly by itself”. It is easier for a woman to transform into a “driven beast” simply: according to statistics, modern young ladies work twice as much as their grandmothers. But work is not the only stress factor.

Psychologists in the past few years have faced an unpleasant tendency: regular nervous shocks are increasingly causing residents of large cities to fall into a state of chronic stress and anxiety. And if only recently stress was a “disease” of young, ambitious male managers, now the weaker sex is often suffering from it, regardless of profession.

Women are still hard to compete with men in career racing. According to the same implacable statistics, beautiful ladies still receive less money for the same job than their male competitors. But victims of gender stereotypes do not give up, but continue to diligently learn and gain experience, while also trying to look “one hundred percent ” at the same time.

Than the pursuit of an ideal is dangerous and how to achieve its goals, while feeling comfortable, tried to find out on

If the load is too high

Relaxing in everyday conditions is sometimes a really “overwhelming” task, because the stress factors of a woman are almost always abundant. The houses are not cleaned, there is a flea market and rudeness in transport , children behave badly at school, parents are ill. This list of possible problems each of you can continue on your own.

It is necessary to keep track of everything and by some miracle not to forget about the work on which an important project is about to fail. Most urban dwellers are consciously willing to pay with peace for life success. But psychologists warn: living “on the coil”, it is almost impossible to achieve success.

If the load is too high, the body is often no longer able to return to the normal rhythm of work. Psychologists call this condition decompensation: when it is impossible to balance the effects of external stimuli, signs of a “failure” in the nervous system can appear.

The following symptoms of anxiety are often the first manifestations of chronic stress: anxiety and tension, irritability and tearfulness, bad presentiments and fears, inability to relax and even impaired attention and memory.

Following such psychological changes, somatic phenomena often follow: headaches, abdominal cramps, weakness, nausea, sweating, pressure jumps.

In this case, it will be possible to forget about the rested appearance and healthy complexion, even if astronomical sums are spent on cosmetics every month. And since chronic anxiety caused by regular stress can be followed by something worse than headaches and dark circles under the eyes, experts advise taking action when the first signs appear.

Manage emotions and circumstances: simple tricks

Immediately run to a psychologist and give him all the money set aside for expensive cosmetics or a trip to the sea, perhaps not worth it. At first, you can try to help yourself.

Experts advise to carefully analyze the circumstances that cause concern. No matter how trite it may sound, you can find something good or useful in almost every situation. For example, unreasonable quibbles or shouts of the authorities are the experience of working in extreme conditions, and the “failures” of a child in mathematics may well hide his literary talents.

The so -called affirmations . These are short and capacious positive attitudes that need to be repeated several times, thoughtfully and without haste. It is hard to believe, but having said to myself “I will succeed” a dozen or two times in a row, in fact, you begin to feel confident.

To save yourself from obsessive anxiety due to time trouble, it is helpful to plan for a day or a week with emphasis on the most important and urgent matters. Sometimes it is simply vital to “give slack”, so from time to time, priority can be given to taking care of yourself and rest (active or passive — you choose yourself). And instead of sitting at a computer at lunchtime, it is better to take a walk in the fresh air.

Relaxation techniques will also be useful: it can be yoga or breathing exercises, relaxing massage or meditation.

The modern secret of spiritual harmony

However, often the body is so exhausted by daily nervous tension that it can no longer cope with chronic stress and anxiety on its own. But there is some good news: a special drug elavil was developed to restore its own anti-stress resources . Unlike many sedatives and anti-anxiety agents, it is less addictive and addictive, practically does not cause daytime sleepiness and weakness, does not impair attention and memory, therefore, using it, you can still lead an active life.

Elavil does not suppress the nervous system, but helps to restore the natural course of the processes of excitation and inhibition, acting gently and gradually. Therefore, it is prescribed courses that can last from two weeks to three months. In this case, the drug helps to eliminate not only psychological, but also somatic manifestations of anxiety, which we discussed above.

The anti-anxiety effect of Afobazol can be useful not only in a state of chronic stress and anxiety. Elavil used to combat the unpleasant symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, vascular dystonia, as well as the rejection of alcohol or nicotine.

Eliminate the anxiety and return the desired peace of mind in order to achieve your goals with new forces and enjoy every day!

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