Bimatoprost is easy for eyebrows

Fashion is very fleeting. Girls who follow her latest trends do not get tired of experimenting with their appearance. And often, for the sake of a new trend, you have to change your appearance quite dramatically: a new length and hair color, a rejection of the old make-up techniques, innovative cosmetic procedures –

Few parts of the female appearance in recent years has undergone changes as much as the eyebrows. A few years ago, thin eyebrows and strings were in fashion and all women of fashion diligently plucked them out, giving them the desired shape. Then it became fashionable to dye them with hair color and the girls meekly began to torment their already weakened eyebrows with chemistry with their chemistry. Then the era of tattooing began and poor eyebrows were exposed to needles and paint.

Now is the time when unfortunate eyebrows can finally relax and gain strength: natural form, density and rich natural color are in fashion.

Leading stylists are advised to look the most natural, to abandon the abundance of cosmetics, bright screaming colors and deliberately. Health has come into fashion. The trend of the last seasons has become femininity, naturalness and grooming.

But then for many there was a question: how to grow thick beautiful eyebrows?

From frequent pulling, the effects of paint and cosmetics, they became dull, short, cracked and rare, there were areas where the hairs do not grow at all.

Our regular customers already know how to make eyelashes thick and long. You just need to start applying the tool for the growth of eyelashes Bimatoprost and be patient.

But what will happen if you start applying Bimatoprost for eyebrows? Let’s see.

Brown hair has the same structure and life cycle as the eyelashes. Since all the hair on the human body is similar in principle, Bimatoprost can be successfully used to stimulate the growth of not only eyelashes.

Bimatoprost is an acid that promotes not only the strengthening of existing hairs, but also activates dormant bulbs, which leads to their active growth.

The research and experience of our customers suggests that Bimatoprost for eyebrows has the same effect as in classical use.

Try and you apply Bimatoprost on your eyebrows and in a few weeks, you will see how the volume of hairs will increase, they will become stronger, darker, shinier and healthier.

Applying Bimatoprost for eyebrows is as easy as for enhancing the growth of eyelashes. It is only necessary to apply it with a thin layer once a day on the hairline, after clearing the skin of dirt and makeup residues.

In Bimatoprost and there are no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of bimatoprost. And therefore, any girl can apply it without fear. Since the skin of the brow is thicker than the eyelid, the likelihood of allergies is minimal.

The first tangible results you will see after 2-3 weeks of regular use.

What is Bimatoprost (Bimatoprost)?

This is a cosmetic product, as a result of the use of which, the eyelashes become longer, thicker and darker.

How Bimatoprost affect eyelash growth?

The growth of eyelashes is affected by the active component Kareprost – bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a physiologically active fatty acid, which is contained in small amounts in almost all human cells, influencing the regulation of cell growth, absorption of calcium, and the breakdown of fats.

When exposed to the hair follicle, bimatoprost prolongs the anagenic phase of the eyelashes, i.e. helps to grow, despite the genetic limit on growth.

Bimatoprost is registered with the US Department of Health as the world’s first tool to promote eyelash generation.

Why precisely Bimatoprost?

There are several analogues Kareprost – Evolash, Advanced Lash, Xlash, Revita Lash and MD Lash Factor, which also includes Bimatoprost or its prostaglandin analogues. However, the cost of these drugs is much higher, with no result at all.

The famous American drug Latisse company Allergan, costing 120-130 dollars is also based on bimatoprost.

Why pay more?

Over the years of sales, Bimatoprost has proven itself in the best way.

How soon are the results visible?

The result of Bimatoprost and is usually seen already at the fourth week, the maximum effect is achieved in 12-16 weeks.

What is the composition and Bimatoprost?

The active substance in the composition of the solution: bimatoprost. The inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, citric acid and distilled water. In order to regulate the pH level, sodium hydroxide and / or hydrochloric acid may be included. The pH is 6.8 – 7.8.

Who is the manufacturer and Bimatoprost?

Manufacturer of Bimatoprost as well – one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world -. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

Will Bimatoprost help to grow eyebrows?

Bimatoprost is also used for eyebrow growth.

How long does one bottle and Bimatoprost?

One bottle, when properly applied, lasts for six months.

Can I use Bimatoprost th during pregnancy and lactation?

During pregnancy and lactation is not recommended to use Bimatoprost th. Like most medical or special cosmetic products, Bimatoprost could not be tested for any influence on the development of the fetus or infant experimentally.

What to do when hit Bimatoprost as the eye?

Wash your eyes with warm water. In case of contact with eyes Bimatoprost and possible temporary irritation and redness of the whites of the eyes.

Can use Bimatoprost om men?

Bimatoprost can use both women and men.

How to apply Bimatoprost solution when wearing lenses?

Before applying Bimatoprost and lens must be removed and put them only after 15 minutes after application of the solution.

Who should not use Bimatoprost th?

Bimatoprost th cannot be used if there is an allergic reaction to any of its components.

What to do in case of gaps in the daily use of Bimatoprost as well?

In the case of gaps in the daily use of Bimatoprost and need to continue to apply it within a set schedule – applied only once in the evening

Do I need to use Bimatoprost daily and after reaching the optimal result?

After reaching the maximum effect, it is enough to apply Bimatoprost 1-2 times a week to maintain the result.

Can I use Bimatoprost th with a permanent eye makeup?

With permanent eye makeup you can use Bimatoprost om. The drug will help restore eyelashes, improve their volume.

Is it possible to use Bimatoprost when wearing eyelashes or after they are removed?

Bimatoprost om can be used while wearing eyelash extensions or after their withdrawal.

What will happen after the end of the use of Bimatoprost as well?

Within 50-90 days there will be a complete change of cilia. Eyelashes will gradually return to its original appearance. In order to maintain the achieved effect is necessary to use Bimatoprost st 1-2 times a week.

Can Bimatoprost be used by women over the age of 60?

Bimatoprost om can be used for women after 60 years. The effectiveness of Bimatoprost is the same for customers of all ages.

Whether there are any sensations after application and Bimatoprost?

In rare cases, there is a slight severity of the eyelids, which passes a few days after the start of using the product. Perhaps a slight reddening in the line of application of the solution, as the skin gets used to the active ingredients Bimatoprost a. Within 3-5 days such reactions pass.

What side effects can be caused by Bimatoprost th?

In 4% of cases, itching and redness of the eyes are observed. Less common is darkening of the eyelid skin in the area of ​​application, eye irritation or dry eyes.

Upon detection of unusual eye conditions (injury or infection), reduced visual acuity, or any other offensive or unusual reaction to you, you should immediately consult a doctor for advice on the further use of Bimatoprost as well.

Are there any special warnings associated with using Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost should be used on the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. And should not be applied on the lower eyelid. If you are using Bimatoprost or other drugs of the same class with elevated intraocular pressure (PGD), or if you have experience with abnormal PGD, you should use Bimatoprost only under strict medical supervision. Using Kareprost can cause darkening of the eyelid skin. Also, the use of bimatoprost can cause an increase in the brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye, which may be permanent. Any excess presence of the solution outside the field of the upper eyelid should be removed. Perhaps the appearance of the eyelashes difference in length, density, thickness, pigmentation, number of hairs, as well as in the direction of growth of eyelashes in different eyes. These differences, if they are identified, tend to disappear when Bimatoprost is discontinued.

Increasingly, our customers are interested in: is it possible to use Bimatoprost during pregnancy?

For the future mom, this question is more important than ever: often during pregnancy and breastfeeding in women there is a deterioration of the condition of the skin and hair, as well as loss or weakening of the eyelashes. And the modern woman wants to always look irresistible. Therefore, often, begin the search for funds that will help restore lost beauty.

When it comes to the beauty of eyelashes, many girls decide to try Bimatoprost, especially if the expectant mother used this tool before the pregnancy, then she probably knows that it really gives tangible results. And then the question arises: is it possible for the future child to harm Bimatoprost?

There is no single answer to this question.

Bimatoprost is a fairly new tool for the growth of eyelashes and the medical community has not yet provided consumers with the results of research on its effect on the body of a pregnant or lactating woman.

It is known that the tool has a serious effect on the skin and hair follicles, increases blood circulation in the treated areas, attracts an increased amount of nutrients, stimulates metabolic processes and thereby enhances the growth of hairs.

Since Bimatoprost has a really powerful impact on the field of use, the drug is not suitable for everyone.

As is known, Bimatoprost can cause an allergic reaction if you are hypersensitive to the components of the drug. Symptoms of allergy to Bimatoprost can be a burning sensation of the mucous eyes, redness of the eyelids, and in rare cases, loss of eyelashes (if before the use of the tool there was already a tendency to their loss). These side effects are quite rare, but still sometimes occur. Therefore, people with hypersensitivity and predisposed to allergic reactions should be especially attentive to the use of this tool.

If you believe the many reviews, those girls who used Bimatoprost before pregnancy and continued its application and while waiting for the child noted the complete absence of any external signs of negative impact. However, these data can in no way serve as proof of the harmlessness ofBimatoprost and to the fetus or breast-fed child.

We, in turn, do not recommend to take the risk and use the drug to pregnant and lactating women until official studies of its effects on the mother and baby are published.

But do not worry: if during eyelids your eyelashes become weak and lifeless – just bear it a little, after you stop breastfeeding, you can, without fear of starting to use Bimatoprost and return your cilia to their cilia after a few weeks.

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