Alcoholism and depression

The disease of alcoholism is often combined with different affective conditions: monopolar depression, bipolar disorder. Both mood disorders and alcoholism are often inherited.

Alcohol itself is a dangerous, fast-acting, short-term “medicine for depression”, very toxic due to the large number of side effects, impossibility of its dosage. The lability of the breadth of its “therapeutic window” is an absolute contraindication to its use.

In the clinic of Professor V.L. Minutely in Moscow, the treatment of alcoholism of patients with affective disorders and depression is carried out .

The question of what is primary – alcoholism or depression worried many people and not only doctors, wrote about this even the writer A. Saint-Exiperi – the author of the famous novel “The Little Prince”.

During joint seminars of Professor V.L. Minutely with Professor Mosolov from the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, it was suggested that many patients with alcoholism are in fact susceptible to manic-depressive psychosis. And alcoholism is only a consequence of bipolar disorder. Therefore, against the background of bipolar disorder, alcoholism has a certain type of course, which changes as alcoholism progresses into mixed forms of affect.

People with alcoholism and bipolar disorder are at high risk of suicide. According to the views of orthodox Freudian psychoanalysts, with alcoholism and bipolar disorder, the oral stage is fixed. And the patient’s aggression is directed against himself, and it is accompanied by confusion and depression.

But most scientists believe alcoholism is primary over depression. This is confirmed by the fact that the best antidepressant for alcoholic depression is alcohol itself, and not antidepressant drugs.

In the clinic V.L. The combination of alcoholism and depression in patients is thoroughly analyzed for a minute, which makes it possible to choose the optimal treatment option for both female and male alcoholism.

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