Treatment for depression with acupuncture

Acupuncture (acupuncture) is a method of therapy for various diseases in Eastern countries, and in Western countries it is used as an alternative and complementary therapy.

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in treating depression. Some authors postulate that this method is as effective as pharmacotherapy, but it does not show the side effects associated with drug use.

There is evidence of the effectiveness of laser stimulation of the brain at four points of traditional Chinese medicine used in oriental medicine.

Researchers ( Euryphaessa ) have constructed a fiber- optic infrared laser with a power of 25 mW and a wavelength of 808 nm . The affection points were outlined with a pencil, and the acupuncturist moved the laser according to the time signals. The total impact energy on the points was 4 J each.

Several treatment templates for mental disorders have been developed:

LR 8 – stimulation of the precentral gyrus of the right frontal cortex, the postcentral gyrus of the right parietal cortex, the middle temporal gyrus of the left temporal cortex, bilateral lingual gyrus of the occipital cortex. Suppression of activity – left inferior and middle frontal gyrus, left middle temporal gyrus, left subcortical lenticular nucleus.

LR 14 – activation of the right superior temporal gyrus, left inferior temporal gyrus, left middle frontal gyrus, right inferior parietal lobe. Inhibition – bilateral superior temporal gyrus, left mandibular region.

CV 14 – stimulation of the middle temporal gyrus, the right superior temporal gyrus, the limbic cortex and the cerebellum. Inactivation – left inferior temporal gyrus.

HT 7 – activation of the left middle frontal gyrus, deactivation – left middle temporal gyrus.

Stimulation of the LR 8, LR 14 and CV 14 zones leads to changes in the areas of the brain responsible for affects.

The resting brain has its own DMN activity. At the same time, a person has thoughts about the future, about alternative ways out of current situations. Acupuncture reverses DMN and has an antidepressant effect.

Laser acupuncture of patients with depressive disorders causes activation and deactivation of different areas of the brain, changes in DMN, which leads to an antidepressant effect similar to that of pharmacological drugs.

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