Treatment for depression in pregnancy

There are several types of depression. One of them is perinatal (depression of pregnant women). It occurs in women while carrying a child, sometimes against the background of absolute well-being. It is caused by biological, social, psychological factors. Among them, stress, conflicts, fear of body changes, loss of beauty, misunderstanding on the part of the spouse, complications during pregnancy – infections, gestosis , the threat of miscarriage are distinguished.

The occurrence of depression in pregnant women is influenced by hereditary predisposition, periods of depression outside of pregnancy.

Some antidepressants negatively affect the fetus, so the use of safe drugs and alternative medicine methods is more important than ever in the treatment of perinatal depression.

The effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, and physical activity in relation to perinatal depression has been confirmed. Although none of these drugs and methods can be recommended as monotherapy (the only treatment for depression during pregnancy). Bright light therapy, S- adenosylmethionine can also be used in the treatment of depression in pregnancy. There is evidence for the effectiveness of yoga and sleep deprivation in the treatment of perinatal depression.

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