Stress is the main enemy of a stable psyche

Unfortunately, in the modern world, the number of patients with mental disorders has increased markedly. The emergence of nanotechnology, infrastructure, as well as technological progress did not stop the human struggle with mental illness. One of the main causes of disorders, scientists believe, is stress. Living in a huge metropolis, a person is most prone to stress.

The human brain does not always cope with a large flow of information. People often hold anger and resentment to themselves, which adversely affects their nervous system. The emergence of the Internet, absorbed a person into the virtual world, putting on “Rose-colored glasses”. Often a person prefers to be in the virtual world, refusing to communicate with friends, which undoubtedly affects his psyche.

The environment, interacting with the psychological aspects of a person, determines the likelihood of a risk of developing severe mental illness. There are many studies aimed at elucidating the causes of the development of pathologies. In this article, we will describe in more detail the causes of diseases and methods of their treatment.

The influence of society on the psyche of people

The environment continuously interacts with a person from the beginning of his birth until his death. Society affects our habits, sense of self, character , behavior, and always in different ways. It kind of dictates the rules to us. How to dress, what fashion to follow, how to talk, what music to listen to, etc. The individual , disagreeing with society, begins to protest, to express his disagreement. Interpersonal conflicts arise.

A person, not finding support from his relatives, friends, acquaintances, begins to close in himself, increasing his anger like a snowball. After the accumulated unresolved problems, a person is more likely to experience an interpersonal conflict, which will lead to depression, apathy, as well as a person’s detachment from what previously brought him pleasure. And depression, in turn, leads to personality disorders.

Codependent people often experience problems, the nature of which is determined by not understanding how to solve their problems, often turning to ridiculous advice from people or even worse, rush to the occult for help. People become irritable, often show aggression, and begin to take revenge. With timely referral to specialists for help, a person can get rid of negativity and suffering with the help of drug treatment, as well as self-therapy .

The influence of weather conditions on the mental activity of people

Oddly enough, weather conditions also create some damage to our psyche. Let us consider the relationship between climatic conditions and changes in mental processes using an example: A person, having lived a conscious life in the south , is forced to leave to live in the far north, for certain circumstances. Another climatic zone, changing living conditions, a person’s social circle change his habits, which makes him vulnerable. Hence, depression follows, leading to an unwillingness to do anything, to live. A person develops a disease. And in the worst case, a person’s legal capacity remains in question, as a result of personality changes.

Mental disorders at the genetic level

Genetics is an important indicator of how a person is born. What facial features, character, what kind of temperament he will be. It so happens that a woman with schizophrenia decides to give birth to a child. In this case, in 80% of cases, the child will be born with a pathology. To give birth to a person with a serious mental illness – he decides for himself, as well as he is responsible for the life of his unborn child. At the same time, the mother should be under the supervision of a psychiatrist and during a relapse of the disease, she needs to be in specialized institutions to improve her condition.

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