Spring blues: how to overcome depression

After long winter colds and dull gray weather, finally spring came to us – a happy season. City streets are filled with sunlight, the palette of colors of nature becomes brighter day by day. That’s just the mood of many, unfortunately, at zero. And all the fault is seasonal melancholy. Why is it coming and how to deal with it?

Not only nature blossoms and transforms in the spring, changes also occur in the human body. It is being rebuilt, trying to adapt more quickly to new conditions, the hormonal background is changing, and the level of serotonin in the blood rises.

If the content of the latter is normal, a person feels at the peak of activity, he is energetic, optimistic, enjoys every day. No wonder the hormone serotonin is called the “hormone of happiness”! If it is not enough, you can’t get the pleasure of life, everything seems gray and gloomy, the change of seasons is not happy, but, on the contrary, causes concern, there is an acute insecurity about tomorrow.

It would seem that the way out is obvious – take more walks on the street, breathe fresh air, and you will soon feel wonderful changes in life. But not everything is so simple, spring blues and seasonal depression are always caused not by just one cause, but by a whole complex.

Life in gray: why does seasonal spleen arise? 

An inexplicable feeling of anxiety, a bad mood, a feeling of inferiority and even suicidal thoughts are all characteristic of a depressed state. It is spring that makes a person feel these symptoms more acutely.

With the entry of spring into its own rights, a person becomes more active, and this happens against the background of seasonal vitamin deficiency. The insufficiently fortified menu, characteristic of the cold season, leads to weakened immunity and malfunctions in the normal functioning of the body, the threshold of sensitivity to stress decreases, and nervous tension increases. Is it worth wondering gloomy thoughts and a breakdown?

How to treat a bad mood? 

Bad mood and spring blues are not equal to depression. This is a protective reaction of our psyche, the trigger that makes a person start up and adjust his behavior in accordance with the surrounding reality. Nature has thought of everything: change yourself, and the world will change itself! What can we do for our health? And how to distinguish depression from spring blues?

Depression at gunpoint 

Only an experienced specialist can make a diagnosis of depression, but non-professionals can recognize its symptoms. Depression is characterized by a protracted nature, it does not go away in a few hours or a couple of days, but lasts for months and sometimes even years. A person who has undergone its influence loses interest in life, feels a breakdown, cannot feel pleasure and feel joy, but low self-esteem becomes his constant companion. In addition, insomnia occurs or, conversely, increased drowsiness, increased appetite or it disappears completely, it becomes impossible to concentrate on business, simple tasks seem to be a real feat.

If you feel unwell and notice one or more of the above symptoms, contact a specialist for help. An experienced psychotherapist will return the joys of life to you. In all other cases, simple but effective methods will help fight the spleen.

How to beat the spring blues: life hack 

  • Add light to your life!

A daily walk in the fresh air under a cascade of sunlight is simply necessary for the human body. Its beneficial effect can be seen after 30 minutes on the street: the mood improves, and the colors of nature are more and more pleasing.

  • Don’t stand still

They say movement is life. And indeed it is! The more we move, the better our body feels. Physical activity supports it in tone, favors an improvement in metabolism, strengthens the immune system. Go in for sports!

  • Plan your day

Your day should not be divided into two parts – work and sleep. Between these two concepts there should be personal time for doing what you love — reading books, listening to music, learning foreign languages ​​or making clothes. If you are sorely lacking time, try the time management technique. Many people have already felt the benefits of this system; a properly planned day is always fruitful and more full of interesting events.

  • Variety of diets with new dishes

With the first spring rays of the sun, the body experiences an acute shortage of vitamins. To replenish the stale supply, lean on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Let them be bright and colorful, because each group of products contains its own list of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Relax and relax.

Healthy sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day and several hours of rest during the day relieve excessive psychological stress on the human body, increase resistance to stress.

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