Seafood Protects Against Fears and Depressions

Doctors advise including seafood in their diet. They will help the body deal with stresses and depressions that they can provoke. This is especially true in the autumn-winter period, when the human psyche experiences additional pressure associated with changes in the weather.

As a result of the study, scientists calculated that regularly using marine fish and seafood, a person reduces the risk of developing depressive states by 88%. These products are especially useful for melancholy sufferers exposed to stress. With their help, they can maintain their psyche in good condition.

Three groups of scientists from the USA, Israel and Britain were studying this problem. After a series of experiments, they were convinced that the use of fatty varieties of fish is one of the reasons for the excellent mood, even in adverse conditions. According to experts, this is due to the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for the body.

Entering the human body with seafood and oily fish, these substances reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, cleanse blood vessels. This allows you to significantly improve the blood supply to the brain, which is very important for the prevention of stress and depression. Reduces the level of anxiety and normalization of the work of all organs, including the heart.

It should be noted that seafood is not useful to everyone. Doctors warn that the mercury contained in them, even in small doses, can be harmful to pregnant women. Under its influence, the nervous system of the child in the womb is affected. The same effect may occur with breastfeeding if the mother abuses seafood. But in adults, the body removes those small doses of mercury that are consumed with seafood without any consequences.

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