Scientists have compared fresh water with antidepressants

According to leading experts, they were able to find out that there is a certain relationship between the properties of fresh water and the number of patients diagnosed with clinical depression.

So, scientists have found that a “heavy” liquid is able to exert an effect similar to antidepressant on a person. According to experts, by 2020, one of the main reasons for the disability of the population will be the state of clinical depression. In addition, it may take second place in this rating. Thus, the search for an effective method of combating this disease becomes more priority.

Researches of scientists should have been aimed at finding the relationship between cases of diagnosing psychological disorders and deuterium. In this case, the researchers relied on geographic statistics relating to individual states of America. The result of the study showed that fresh water is suitable for the treatment of depression in all respects. In addition, thanks to laboratory tests, specialists have the opportunity to thoroughly study all the properties that this liquid has.

It is also noted that clinical trials were conducted on rodents. It turned out that animals that consumed water with a low deuterium content were less likely to have disturbances in the nervous system.

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