Psychology of New Year’s depression and methods of struggle

New Year is a holiday that is associated with magic, a fairy tale. It arouses imagination and makes you dream. But the holiday fuss sometimes leads to a breakdown and depression – such is our psychology. I want to quickly survive the New Year’s Eve and again plunge into the usual rhythm. Why does such a mood arise and how to regain peace of mind?

Psychology of Unjustified Expectations

Most often, the mood deteriorates, because there is a hunch that a miracle will not happen. Most often, people perceive New Year’s Eve as some kind of milestone, after which life will change. But the skepticism inherent in many people whispers that it is time to stop believing in a fairy tale. Such sad thoughts lead to a lingering spleen – this is a feature of human psychology.

What to do?

Of course, you need to leave a place in your soul for a miracle, but you should not take New Year’s Eve as a boundary, after which a completely different life will begin. This holiday is a great opportunity to relax, chat with loved ones, exchange gifts.

You need to remember that only you build your own life and no magical powers can prevent you from becoming happy. Even if you celebrate the New Year in a different way than you paint in your dreams, this is not a reason to be sad.

Lack of family haven

New Year is considered a family holiday, so people who feel lonely begin to feel sad – this is the psychology of man. The reason for this state lies in the fact that reality does not bring moral satisfaction, there is no spiritual harmony.

What to do?

While there is no family haven, you can take the time to yourself. Pamper yourself with a gift, go on a trip or take a vacation and just relax from all affairs. Sometimes such a reboot completely changes the psychology.

New Year’s bustle

On New Year’s Eve, the number of cases is falling at a tremendous speed: to buy gifts for relatives and friends, to think through the menu, do a spring cleaning and decorate the house. In addition, all these matters entail material costs. Even the most disciplined and responsible person can wallow in chores.

What to do?

Make a to-do list and break down large-scale tasks into smaller ones. Make enough time to avoid the hustle and bustle. Remember that the New Year is not an exam, but an occasion to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Often a person wants to do everything perfectly – this is the difference between the psychology of a perfectionist. When life makes its adjustments and plans are broken, disappointment comes. Psychology books advise you not to take on too much and learn to accept the situation.


Before the New Year, people are accustomed to take stock – this is psychology. Often all problems are exacerbated, seem to be large-scale and insoluble. This is due to the fact that reality “does not reach” the level that a person set himself at the beginning of the year. Because of this, anxiety, irritability appears, mood worsens.

What to do?

Books on psychology recommend not setting hard lines. After New Year’s Eve, life does not end – what you did not have time to do this year can be transferred to the next. Make adjustments to your plans and add those tasks that did not work out in the past year.

Habitual disorder

People who are used to living on a schedule find it difficult to endure holiday chaos. Everyday duties force to be in good shape – only then you can do everything. During the holidays, everything is not going according to plan: a lot of high-calorie food, alcohol, the regime is violated. As a result, not only physical, but also moral health suffers, and human psychology is changing.

What to do?

If it is difficult for you to return to working mode after a festive feast, try to adhere to the usual rhythm of life. Plan meetings with friends so that they do not greatly influence current affairs. Give preference to low-calorie dishes that are well absorbed by the body and do not cause heaviness in the stomach. Cook light snacks and try not to overeat. Do not abuse alcohol – then in the morning you will feel great.

Human Psychology: The Effect of Marketers

Marketers add fuel to the fire, working on psychology. Everywhere New Year paraphernalia, lights and gift sets. Such pressure from marketers causes internal discomfort in people, a premonition of significant expenses and dissatisfaction with their own material condition.

What to do?

Books on psychology say that such a state can activate a protective mechanism – a person is fenced off from the surrounding reality. He can react aggressively to New Year’s attributes, a chronic feeling of dissatisfaction arises. To maintain composure, you need to look sensibly at such marketing campaigns.

Lack of attention: what do psychology books say?

Many people in the New Year period suffer from a lack of attention of relatives and friends. All around are busy with their affairs and preparations for the holiday. It is especially sad if a breakup with a loved one has recently occurred.

What to do?

People want to draw happiness from the outside, nourish them from others – such is the psychology of man. In fact, this is an illusion. Happiness is always inside a person. You need to learn to live in harmony with yourself, listen to your inner voice and look for spiritual harmony – all psychology books write about this.

Break Traditions for Mental Health

If the pre-holiday depression does not go away, and the New Year’s plans are annoying, you can completely change the usual scenario. Sometimes it’s good to break traditions – the psychology is changing and the mood is improving.

What to do?

Show your imagination and celebrate the New Year in a completely different way. A creative approach will help you find the perfect solution. You can go on a trip or celebrate New Year on the train, take a steam bath in the sauna or just watch a good movie.

New Year is not an obstacle race, so do not take preparations too seriously. Try to enjoy the process and anticipation of the holidays.

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