Genetic relationship between depression and insomnia established

A group of scientists from the United States found a molecular genetic correlation between depressive disorders and sleep disturbance. Experts even managed to identify a specific genetic sequence that links these two states.


Depression, according to experts, is very often combined with problems with sleep. So, for example, a serious depressive disorder always proceeds against the background of sleep problems of varying degrees of difficulty.


It should be noted that there are methods to combat the depressive state, which are based on the absolute deprivation of sleep.


This has been known for a long time, but to date, scientists have not found biological evidence of the existence of such a relationship between insomnia and depression. In particular, some molecular bonds were detected during DNA analysis, but they were blurred.


Employees of Northwestern University from the Center for Biology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms managed to identify certain molecular genetic factors that are the basis of the correlation. Scientists argue that their discovery is quite important in terms of developing new therapies.

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