Electroencephalography for schizophrenia

In schizophrenia, changes in the bioelectrical activity of the brain, recorded on the EEG, are detected very often. They are not pronounced, incomprehensible and weakly associated with the intensity of clinical symptoms.

Minimal cerebral dysfunction can be observed in the premorbid period and be a marker of the risk of psychosis, its prognosis and course.

No specific EEG changes in schizophrenia have been identified, but the most common are:

· Fast low-amplitude activity;

• disorganized fast activity;

· Lack of alpha rhythm;

· High-amplitude beta activity;

· Dysrhythmia ;

· Peak-wave complex;

· Generalized slow-wave activity.

Thus, EEG data are rather nonspecific in the diagnosis of schizophrenia; therefore, in the clinic of V.L. For a minute, it is carried out on other more specific tests. Treatment of schizophrenia is carried out after a comprehensive diagnostic examination.


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