Depressive episode

Studies have symptoms of depression , with one hand, and the dia development – gnostic methods – with the other, lead to the need for the most accurate classification of its various forms – it helps to fine-Diagne – Stick and effective treatment of depression. The classification is in on – standing development that may be due not only to the continuous development of science, but it and the fact that in today’s world depression covers more wide spectrum of manifestations , takes more and more new Posey – tion.

Not going into scientific details of the modern classification, we mention – chu most important manifestations of the disorder options. The basis for the diagnosis of depression, as well as the basic concept of its classification, is the so-called depressive episode .

Depressive episode , depending on the number of symptoms and their pronounced – strength may be mild, moderate and severe:

  1. Mild depression is quite difficult to distinguish from sadness, irritability – telnosti, constant internal stress.
  2. Moderate depression has clearly prevents a person proyav – lyat his usual activity.
  3. Heavy episode ( Clinically – ski severe depression ) may sometimes be accompanied by psychosis , relevant or not relevant mood. In the most severe cases of psychosis, delusions and hallucinations may appear .

A depressive episode may be part of the so-called affective bipolar disorder , which doctors called an early hour – Chez manic-depressive psychosis. The name itself suggests that with this mood disorder can vary, when – Nimai polar opposite form. Sometimes violations are manifested by a rise in mood, a special feeling of joy, self-confidence, sometimes – energy and irritability ( depending on the characteristics of a person’s personality, a special, one might say, paradoxical, form of depression is possible – “angry mania”). However, such a good mood may be accompanied by inappropriate behavior and irresponsible actions – for example, a waste of money, when unrestrained – the acquisition of goods in the credit opinion unnecessary and even disadvantageous contracts, indiscriminate sexual activity. In another case, a race – stroystvo will manifest decline in mood and activity, characterized – Terni to the typical forms of depression.

Among other forms of bipolar disorder distinguish “rapid circulatory disorder” with frequent changes of mood phases in a short period of time (cyclothymia), “a grim mania” with manifestations – Niemi DC maliciously melancholy mood (dysphoria), and a mixed state with a different combination of symptoms of depression and mania …

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