5 steps to help manage depression

The word “depression” is familiar to every person. Moreover, over a million suffer from this disease every day. Unfortunately, only a few manage to overcome depression on their own, while others need the help of professionals. This article has collected five basic steps to help you regain your peace of mind.

Step 1. You need to stop digging into the causes that started the depression. It is important to understand that nothing can be changed, and digging into memories will only make you go through all the unpleasant moments in life. The way out of the situation is quite simple. It consists in completely shutting off the mental flow. For this, activities such as reading books, going to the cinema, meeting friends and a busy day are perfect. A person should not have free time for longing and sadness.

Step 2. A change of scenery is a great relief from depression. Rejection of the usual pace of life will allow you to see that there is much more in the world besides home and work. It will also be great to change your daily routine. On weekends, you can go out of town, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and reconnect with nature.

Step 3. People who spend their days alone and idle are as prone to depression as true workaholics. Wasted days watching TV, is this the purpose of our lives? Not at all! If you wish, you can change jobs, start learning something new on your own, or sign up for courses, have a pet. Purpose in life, here is a weapon against the blues.

Step 4. Aroma and light therapy Aromatic oils entering the brain through the nasal membrane have a very strong effect on the human mood. An aroma lamp and a set of special oils will help to accomplish this : anise, rose, oregano, spruce, cedar, rosemary, gardenia and so on. It is highly recommended to periodically change oils to avoid addiction.

Usually the majority of people suffering from blues are in the fall. Therefore, down with the dense curtains that block sunlight. It is necessary to let in as much light as possible into the house, replace the gray interior with a more colorful and cheerful one. Psychologists also recommend taking a walk as often as possible, getting a positive charge of emotions.

Step 5. Lack of serotonin. Serotonin in simple words is the hormone of happiness. How do you level it up? To begin with, you need a sound and healthy sleep, at least 7 hours a day. This amount is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. With a lack of sleep, or worse, severe lack of sleep, the person becomes absent-minded and irritable. The second important factor is a healthy diet. Fast food and quick snacks on the go greatly affect health and mood. Yes, a couple of burghers are certainly delicious, but the three-digit figure on the scales will definitely not please. You should eat foods enriched with vitamins, such as omega 3, calcium and B vitamins. The last thing you shouldn’t do is ignore your body’s needs. Lack or complete absence of sex and exercise also leads to a decrease in serotonin.

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