5 common myths about depression

Unfortunately, in our country, depression has recently been viewed by the general masses as a diagnosis and a disease. In Soviet times, among the majority of ordinary people there was no such thing as depression. That is why even now most people call depression a bad mood. In fact, this is a serious disease that many do not even try to diagnose. If the problem is solved, then there is no place for depression. But the stress experienced can leave an indelible mark on the soul and cause incredible damage to the psyche.

There are several common misconceptions about depression.

1. Depression is not a disease

A person is really able to cope with a milder form of depression on his own, if he diagnoses it in himself and accepts it in time. But in a mild form, in most cases, people do not attach particular importance to it. Ultimately, it develops into more complex forms, namely into other mental disorders, which cannot be dealt with even in the most complex form without professional intervention. That is why depression, even in its mild form, is considered a disease.

2. This is the other extreme

It lies in the fact that depression is a serious disorder that is treated only in special hospitals, or mental hospitals. Exactly as in other areas of medicine, depression in a complex form that has grown into other mental illnesses can lead to treatment in special centers, but this does not mean that this is a stigma for life. It only means that the person did not pay attention to his mental health in time. And just like in other areas, a person can register, but this is done only for control.

3. Depression for life

Of course, if depression is denied and left untreated for a long time, it may not be so quick to cope with it later, even with the help of professionals. But depression, like other diseases, can be healed if it is treated in time.

4. All antidepressants are harmful to health and psyche

Yes, indeed, antidepressants like other drugs can have a number of side effects. But if they are correctly selected, then with recovery everything will pass.

5. Antidepressants are addictive

In reality, no antidepressant is addictive other than psychological. The body itself does not get used to them physiologically. But mentally, a person can get used to the fact that when taking a pill, the emotional state improves. But with recovery, even without taking medication, the state should be healthy. That is why a doctor should prescribe medications, and, of course, in conjunction with therapy.

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